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The Shocking Truth About Retirement In Florida! What you need to know. Moving to Florida: Surprises and Discoveries Moving to Florida was a big decision for us, and it brought with it a mix of surprises, both good and bad. Florida had been on our radar for various reasons, including its status as the fastest-growing state in the United States since 1957 and being the third most populated state in the country, behind California and Texas. Winter Visitors: A Pleasant Surprise One of the pleasant surprises we encountered after moving to Florida was the influx of visitors during the winter months. Friends, family, and even more distant acquaintances found the idea of visiting Florida in the winter appealing. While we appreciated the enthusiasm, it became challenging for us. We realized that when guests came to visit, they were typically on vacation mode, expecting us to be on vacation as well. This created a bit of tension as we consider our time in Florida our home rather than a constant vacation. Better Health & Wellness: A Positive Outcome One remarkable and positive outcome of our move to Florida was the improvement in our overall health and wellness. The Florida lifestyle, with its mild climate and outdoor activities, motivated us to lead healthier lives. We started our mornings with outdoor walks, joined the local YMCA, played pickleball, golfed, and cycled. The result was weight loss, muscle gain, and an overall sense of well-being. Easy Friendships: Surprisingly Accessible Contrary to our initial concerns about making friends in Florida, we discovered that forming friendships was remarkably easy. Many of our neighbors and fellow residents were also looking to make new connections. Florida’s west coast, where we settled, attracted people from various parts of the United States, making it a diverse and friendly community. High Expenses: An Unexpected Challenge A significant shock came when we realized that Florida living wasn’t as inexpensive as we initially thought. While some things were more affordable, such as landscaping services and fresh produce, others were notably expensive. Housing costs, hotels, restaurants, gasoline, and country club memberships were some of the areas where we experienced higher expenses. It forced us to reconsider our spending habits and opt for more home-cooked meals. Low National Healthcare Rating: A Health Concern Healthcare in Florida presented another surprise. We assumed that a state with a large elderly population would offer top-notch healthcare. However, Florida ranks 36th out of 50 states in terms of healthcare quality, including access to care and the availability of specialists. Our personal experiences, like waiting months for doctor appointments, made us seek alternative solutions like concierge medical care. Despite these surprises, we’ve found that Florida offers a unique lifestyle that suits us. The weather, healthy living, and the closeness it has brought to our family and friends have made it an attractive place to call home. While there are challenges, the positives have far outweighed them in our experience.   As found on YouTube Florida RetirementPosted in Retire Wealthy, Retirement PlanningTagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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