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The Best Place to Retire in Florida in 2022 is Sarasota Florida ūüĆī/ Learn Why

this video we're going to discover why Sarasota  is a great place to retire in. Let's talk about   the obvious and that is we have warm weather  year-round in Florida. And that's one of the   reasons why a lot of people are moving here  not just retirees. Now the winter times in my   opinion is just the most perfect time to be here  that's why a lot of the snowbirds will fly in here   and they typically leave at around April and May  to go back home where it's also starting to get   warmer. In January it can get colder especially  at nighttime but usually it never really snows.   The summer times I should caution you do get  hotter about 90 to 95 degrees with daily showers   that'll just last for maybe an hour or hour to  but it is very rainy and we'll have our hurricanes   that'll come through.

The good news is that since  they've kept the weather records for Sarasota,   Sarasota has never been in the eye of a  hurricane. Number two are the beaches. We   have some of the nicest beaches in Florida as a  matter of fact in all of the US. There's Siesta   Key Beach which consistently in the past has been  voted as the number one beach. Now there are a few   reasons for that. It has gotten praised over the  years from different news media in regards to how   deep the beach is how fine the sand is. A walk  from the parking lot to the water can take up to   five minutes that's how deep the beach is and the  sand is made of 99% Quartz so it's really fine   powdery like sand that does not get warm  in the heat of the summer you can still   walk barefoot on the sand even during the  hottest of days without burning your feet.

But there's also an MTV show called Siesta Key  which is helping to drive the publicity for Siesta   Key. We have several other beaches that one can  choose from which all have their own advantages.   There's Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach, these two  are all on Siesta Key. In Sarasota still there's   the Lido Beaches, North Little Beach, Lido Beach  and South Lido Beach and on the southern side   of Sarasota the Venice beaches and then to the  North of Sarasota, Longboat Key Beaches and Anna   Maria Island beaches. Each one of them will have  their own advantages. Casperson beach for example   in Venice is known as the shark tooth capital in  the world. So if you're hunting for shark teeth   you're going to want to go to Casperson beach.  There's something so magical about the sunsets   which you don't get to see on the east side really  because there the sunrises and it sets on the   west side. So we have the privilege of seeing  the sunsets here.

I prefer seeing the sun set   there's just something so magical about seeing it  setting and just the color formation in the sky,   it's just absolutely magical. Florida is one of  the few states in the United States where they're   not charging any income tax. The way they're  supplementing the income is through tourism   mainly. In Sarasota there is no income tax either  and so if you're somebody who's living out of your   retirement account or social security account  you get to keep much more of your money.

For   some people it could mean an extra thousands of  dollars a year. So that's one of the reasons why   a lot of people are starting to move to Florida  also especially from places such as New York where   they're getting taxed like crazy. Sarasota has  some of the best healthcare in all of Florida.   Our main hospital is Sarasota Memorial Hospital.  It's been voted as one of the top hospitals in all   of the world based on a rating that came in from  Newsweek in 2021. Newsweek’s list highlights 2000   hospitals across 25 countries and Sarasota came  in at 122.

This is an amazing feat especially   when you consider that just in the US there's  about 6 000 hospitals. That doesn't include all   the other hospitals across the world. Looking  at a representation of the different age groups   it's really varied and that's what I love  about living here in Sarasota. You know you can   mesh with all these different people in these  different age groups and I think we all can   learn from each other. Now if we look at the  average age as reported by the Census Bureau   it's about 49 years old. Those that are 65 years  or older they are about 25% of the population.   There's so many people that are moving to Sarasota  that if you're concerned about making friends or   not really finding anybody that you're going to  connect with so many people who are going to be   in your shoes and so they're more open to kind of  establishing these friendships.

Partially because   of that I think it's kind of an exciting time to  move to Sarasota right now because I really do   feel that making friends finding friendly people  that you mesh with is going to be a lot easier   these days because people are just so much more  open to meeting each other to establishing these   new relationships. Now I hear a lot of people  saying that yeah they're retired but they still   want to work and a lot of them are actually  looking for volunteer work.

And here's the good   news that there is so much volunteer work for  those especially who are retired if you want to   stay busy and if you want to use that as kind of a  way to meet other people as well my recommendation   is to start off by going to a website called and then you just look for   Sarasota you'll see all of the different volunteer  opportunities. But I know Selby Gardens always   hires, Mote Aquarium you've got Dr Hospitals  of Sarasota, the Library. I mean there's just   so many places that you can go to directly and  see if they're looking for volunteers but I would   start off with and see what is  currently advertised.

Arts and Entertainment. So¬†¬† a lot of people who choose Sarasota as kind of¬† their home base are partially choosing Sarasota¬†¬† not just because of the beaches and the weather¬† but Sarasota is actually known as kind of the¬†¬† cultural hub on the west side. We have so much¬† to do when it comes to arts and entertainment.¬†¬† There's so many places to see a show and you can¬† even take a class at the Florida Studio Theater.¬†¬† ‚ÄúBut I‚Äôm from Sarasota Florida do you mind¬† what was your name before Pat? Alex Trebek‚ÄĚ.¬†¬† The Urbanite for more intimate theater¬† experience, you got the Van Wezel which¬†¬† artists from all over the world kind of rotate¬† through there's just so much to do when it comes¬†¬† to the arts and theater just can't get bored here.¬† Close proximity to all major points of interests.¬†¬† Sarasota is really not that big even if you're not¬† right on Siesta Key beach or you're not right on¬†¬† Lido Key Beach you're still not going to be that¬† far away from the beach likely especially when¬†¬† you live west of 75.

75 is our main highway  that either takes you to Tampa for example   or it could take you to Naples depending on which  direction you go to but it also divides the west   from Sarasota from the east of Sarasota. So if  you live west of 75 the chances of you being   no further than maybe 20 to 25 minutes away from  the beach is really great. The proximity of all   these different types of interests, the beach,  nature, downtown Sarasota or Saint Armand Circle,   all these different points of interest are very  close to each other. In some cases just miles   away and the close proximity to all these great  things makes it really appealing to especially   retirees who just don't want to drive that much  anymore. Lifestyle you can change up the lifestyle   so easily here.

A lot of retirees like that  because sometimes they just want to be a bum on   the beach just be by the beach soak in the sun not  do anything. Then they want to switch it over to   playing tennis or maybe golf or maybe pickleball.  It's again so easy to do here partially because   everything is so close to each other. We have  amazing golfing especially in Palmer Ranch.   There's so many different pickleball clubs we have  really great tennis organizations. If you're a   bicyclist you've probably heard of the Legacy  Trail which is a trail that runs from Venice. Pretty soon it's going to go all the way down to  downtown Sarasota, if you like nature and hiking   there's lots of parks to choose from in Sarasota.  We've got the great national park called Myakka   state park which is only about 25 minutes away  from kind of the central location in Sarasota. There is so much to do for pretty  much any interest you may have   so many lifestyles and you can switch  things up you know really from day to day.   Different housing options. Yes Sarasota’s becoming  more expensive partially because the real estate   market is just crazy all over the US.

But also a  lot of people are moving here to Sarasota not just   retirees and so that's inflating the home prices.  Now if we look at the September median price for a   single-family home it was about 407 000 dollars  for condo was around 312 000. Now for some of   you that may be expensive but there are more  affordable options and I’ll give you one example.   There's a 55 and older community called Bahia  Vista.

Manufacture homes there go for about   fifty thousand dollars and up they have a pool  a clubhouse just a really nice place if you're   looking for something on a lower budget. If you're  buying a place on Siesta Key beach and you can   easily spend over a million dollars but the key  takeaway here is the real estate market is still   really achievable for many of you granted  you find a real estate property. Now that's   the challenge is finding a listing and right now  we have more buyers than actually listings even   more of a reason for you to work with a licensed  realtor who can help you navigate this landscape.   Now if you're looking to move to Sarasota and  you need a realtor I would love to team up with   you. You can reach me via email or just call  me thank you so much for watching today. If   you appreciated this video give it a like also  subscribe to this channel if you haven't so far   thank you so much for tuning in today I really  appreciate it and I’ll see you in my next video.

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