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Retirement Planning | Corpus Calculation For #retirementPlanning | Retirement Calculator For All Age

What is retirement planning? There is only one rule of retirement planning that your self-respect should remain intact as long as you are there and your wife is there. The life style you have today, the confidence you have today,…

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The 4% Rule for Retirement (FIRE)

If you have spent any time researching retirement planning online, you have heard of the 4% rule. If you haven’t heard of it, the 4% rule suggests that if you spend 4% of your assets in your initial year of…

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Retirees Spend 80% of Their Income in These 5 Areas | How Do You Compare?

in this video we discuss five areas where retirees spend 80 percent of their funds and how to reduce the costs in these areas coming up next on holy Schmidt on average retirees spend 80 percent of their funds in…

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