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South Florida Retirement: Why Taking a CHANCE Could Lead to Your Dream Life!

so folks if you're considering a move to the  paradise of South Florida for retirement where   we basically use shovels for sand castles we use  salt for margaritas and you've come to the right   place I'm Kevin Morris from the Morris group we're  one of the top relocation companies here in South   Florida and there's anything that you want to know  and need to know about relocating here to South   Florida we are the place to be so folks get ready  to learn more about this incredible opportunity   here to retire in South Florida any questions you  may have we are the ones to ask we are the ones   to get you the answers today we have an incredible  video that's going to provide a very comprehensive   overview of questions that we've been asked by a  lot of folks we're looking to do the same thing   to retire down here in South Florida now I will  tell you okay probably one of the worst things   that you can do is make a decision based upon a  lot of indecision so we're going to go ahead and   give you some of the definitive information that  we've gathered over years of working with folks   who are looking to retire here in South Florida  and also in the Fort Lauderdale area so let's go   ahead and get to it so I guess the first thing is  to kind of lay a little bit of a foundation now   folks I mean it's no secret that South Florida  has has been has been a hotbed of folks coming   down here for years and years actually decades  okay and it's been a favorite retirement place   for many many folks going back to the basically  to the 50s and 60s okay but one of the questions   that we get asked initially is is that with  all the migration that's come down to South   Florida in the last couple years is it still a  great place to retire now and I understand why   you're asking that it's between 2021 and 2022  over 400 000 individuals migrated down to South   Florida okay and that leaves people questioning  is a really is a really enough space left for me   to come down and retire is it something that is  worthwhile doing are there still cost effective   options for us to do we're going to cover all that  and more in our in our video okay and actually   in order to kind of give you the best feel and  the best flavor for for the south Florida area   we're going to go ahead and give you a little  treat today okay we're going to actually film   most of our video on the Water Taxi so we'll give  you a view that most folks don't get a chance to   see unless you live down here you'll be seeing  South Florida and the Fort Lauderdale area from   the water so you'll see what's out there you'll  see what's available and you'll hear from other   folks that we'll talk to that have that have come  down here some folks are coming down here to visit   some folks that we're tired down here so we'll go  ahead and everything that we can give you [Music] it's like you know we're waiting for the for the  water taxi to pick us up now the water taxi is a   great deal because basically it's like 35 bucks  you get to travel from 10 a.m to 10 p.m you can   see anywhere from North Fort Lauderdale all  the way down to Hollywood and if you want to   you can jump on the corresponding one down in  Hollywood so there's a couple of folks sitting   here we just want to go ahead and see if we can  bother them a little bit you know on those nice   Sunday afternoon so so hey folks um you know we're  local Realtors here in South Florida okay do you   mind if I ask you a few questions not at all  oh terrific do you guys are you guys down here   visiting or are you residents we have residents  great um how long have y'all been down here   okay and just if you don't mind me  asking kind of what brought you down here we came down to Florida and  we enjoyed it and we said why if you don't mind me asking where  are you from in the north new [Music]   I'll tell you you're not alone with lot  of folks coming down from New York so   um so yeah I mean you know there's a lot of folks  that have come down from New York a lot of folks   come down from Jersey and from Massachusetts so  um by the way what is your name my name is Kevin   okay this is my uh my partner in crime Suzanne  if you don't mind me asking what is your name   Bill Marcia terrific well it's wonderful to meet  you guys so hopefully we'll be able to hang out   with y'all on the uh on the water tax that's  going in there so um but again you know um I   just had a kind of a little more curiosity  because you know that's basically how I am   um you know to basically to the detriment of my  wife um but uh but you know I mean are there I   appreciate it I appreciate that I appreciate that  you're definitely part of a minority but um but   just out of curiosity what are some of the things  that some of the challenges that you all kind of   saw in coming down here I mean I have to think  that sometimes even when you're coming in from   some places that's as much of a metropolis and  so it's Cosmopolitan is New York especially the   Manhattan area okay you're still going to run into  some some questions and some challenges we came   down because our kids live in Texas okay Indiana  okay and New Jersey and we said you know it would   take us the same amount of time by going by plane  they could come here a week ago visit them but we   went to visit the one in New Jersey by car it took  us two and a half hours to get there meanwhile it   could take us two and a half hours to get to  Florida you know forget about the connection   time honestly being from Northeast Georgia I can  certainly relate to that it would take me two   and a half hours to get to Atlanta even though I  only live 17 miles away so I can certainly relax   that one um you know and it's kind of the same for  us we um we basically we moved to South Florida   um and because our kids had moved out okay and  they kind of moved around and everything but we've   noticed that with with us being down in South  Florida now especially during the winter months   okay our kids coming our kids come and visit us  that's right okay and it's a lot nicer now I will   say with a little bit of um a little I hope so we  have some family members that with a little bit of   Envy I will call them in January and February and  let them know that basically I got to go inside   because basically it's a it's it's noon I've been  out even after a couple hours but I'm getting   sunburned because it's getting 90 degrees it's  true and especially my brother-in-law who lives   in Montana where and you know in January typically  gets down to like minus 90.

So um but no it's just   I love it we live now in Pompano okay we've lived  in Las Olas we lived in Fort Lauderdale on the   intercoastal and now we're living in Pompano okay  and we love it in each area is its own its own   additional advantages and and advantages that we  enjoy terrific that's terrific but and if we had   to do it over again any one of the police three  places we've been at we would we would do it again   let's go back here or here or here and believe it  and believe it or not this is the first time we   have taken the water taxi and I can't believe how  great it is oh terrific that's wonderful wonderful   we have we have passed through where we lived in  Las Olas we have passed through in Fort Lauderdale   and from here we lived maybe three blocks away  from here so the first time we were in Fort   Lauderdale well wow that's that's interesting  you never took advantage of that so and knowing   that there were so many things you could see this  is this is phenomenal we have gone on the Jungle   Queen which is phenomenal because we've gone  there at night time with our grandchildren and   um you take it at six o'clock at night  they show you probably the same things   at the water taxi is doing with these who  lived where and everything they go to their   private island and you see they were like  how neat is that private island six or seven   people out there with waiters uniforms serving you  a full-course meal all you can eat and then you   get a four act show I mean it's it's beautiful I  mean could you you gotta love that you gotta love   that I originally thought the Jungle Queen was it  little jungle but being a resident I think is a   fabulous place to be and this last time when our  grandkids came out like two weeks ago and they're   older 19 and 20 and 16.

We took them to Taverna  oppa in Hollywood and this restaurant dancing on   the tables and like four or five belly dances and  they're all on the tables and they're probably got   napkins this was terrific that's gotta be it had  to be a blast phenomena the entertainment here   is phenomenal the restaurants are phenomenal  I would say 90 of the restaurants I would I   would revisit definitely have you seen always  the ones that you don't want to go back to all   right have you seen have you seen any indications  where basically they kind of appreciate the fact   that you are retirees and you're coming down here  if you see where they kind of give consideration   to that they all definitely do our kids look  forward to coming down to visit us in Florida   great grandkids terrific the kids as well as  the grandkids look how wonderful is that with   eight great eight grand eight grandchildren oh  my goodness great well congratulations we've only   got the one but hey you know we're always we're  always hoping for more right sis that's right   so it's been wonderful so we're waiting for  the water taxi to come back terrific well if   you don't mind we'll join you and maybe we'll  chit chat some more terrific wonderful thanks   you know folks the recent info is coming down to  South Florida and the Fort Lauderdale area has   resulted in a significant change in the housing  market down Fort Lauderdale and down in the whole   and the south Florida area as a whole so we're  gonna see if we can bother our friends here a   little bit in just a few minutes to kind of get  their perspective on things but one of the things   that's of importance to retirees coming down here  is that back in 1995 they they actually put into   place it was a legislation called the housing  for older persons act or hopa as we in the real   estate Community refer to it and basically what it  means is it comes around to make sure that folks   that are over 55 are not being discriminated  against when it comes to housing that was the   original intent one of the things that's actually  really achieved is something that's very very   significant that it's actually created some of  the most wonderful communities where folks that   are 55 and over whether and they're active and and  whatnot they can get together they can meet people   with with similar interests similar likes okay  and similar Lifestyles and folks these this these   housing these housing plans the communities they  they range anywhere from from basically condos to   single-family homes I mean you have some some very  well-known condos and very well-known places like   Century Village and Kings Point you have some very  very well-known uh single-family home communities   like Del Webb but we're going to go ahead and when  we jump on the on the Water Taxi here we're gonna   see if we can bother Marsh and Bill a little bit  more thing and some of the concerns that they have   on the on the Housing Community all right so  come along with us because here we go so you   know as we previously indicated there are a lot of  folks would come down to South Florida in general   and Fort Lauderdale in particular and one of the  first questions that folks asked is you know is   there still affordable housing down here well the  answer the short answer is yes there are now you   do need to look around for it that's working with  exports like Suzanne and myself and our team come   into play but basically from a single family home  perspective you can still find single-family homes   that are in anywhere mid 200 thousands I mean they  go up to like three and four million and of course   there's some of the ones we're going to see on  our boat ride today that are going to be basically   10 15 20 million as a matter of fact there's one  that's rumored to be almost as much as 90 million   and honestly if folks if you are looking to buy  that house the standpoint of retiring down here   you definitely need to call me right away so we  can get that get you into that house quick as   possible you know one of the things Kevin is which  is very interesting is to me is that people will   buy a home and it's not even just for the home  it's for the this is this is true this is very   true especially the Waterfront here so one of the  things we're really seeing is that a lot of folks   are really interested in condo life okay we've  done a couple of videos on condos and condo life   here in South Florida and in Fort Lauderdale but  basically I mean well and you'll see them pop up   in the screen exactly you'll see you'll be seeing  them pop up now condos there are condos are still   very affordable from the standpoint of a purchase  price very affordable anywhere from the high 80s   up into I mean you can still see condos that are a  million million and a half but basically they run   the gamut so there are some specific uh concerns  and specific issues regarding condos that you're   going to want to know about before you make a  decision on buying a condo we strongly encourage   you to reach out to Suzanne or myself or any one  of our team members so you can get some of the   information on condos as far as like condo fees as  far as reserves insurance and stuff like that okay   but you know the other thing is is that one of the  questions that we get asked is that you know we   understand that there's the hope of thing that's  going on where folks there's communities that are   created for folks that are over 55 so they're  taking basically combat reverse discrimination   okay but there are other things to do for folks  and and folks yeah there are there there are all   kinds of communities as we said we pointed out  some of the ones like uh like Century Village   Point out some of the ones like King's Point and  Del Webb there are also a lot of other little   little smaller communities they're not quite as  National as some of the other ones but they also   they they are they're very very nice communities  and they have a lot of amenities for folks that   are folks that are looking for not just anybody  but folks but folks that are over 55 they have   they have managed care facilities if you need it  they have memory care if you need it if there's   something that you need from the folks that are  just looking to kind of come to scale down a   little bit okay some of those condos and some of  those communities have they have clubhouses they   have swimming pools they have exercise rooms  they have social clubs they have all kinds of   things going on and not and not surprisingly a  lot of those places also will sponsor sponsor   kinds of trips and to go around we'll talk about  some more of those types of things in a little   bit a little bit later in our video but there's  all kinds of amenities that are available in in   some of the associations and some of the  communities that that are basically here   for folks are looking to retire or Folks at over  55.

Okay Kevin what are some of the communities   in it around Fort Lauderdale a lot of the smaller  towns have actually places like Tarpon Point River   Florida by the sea is one that actually has a lot  actually the whole the whole Community that's a   good point Seuss and learn that by the Sea the  whole Community itself is kind of it it's kind   of Taken on that 45 to 70 kind of a Vibe around  there so you know there's a lot of information   to cover around housing and around living and  whatnot but I think some of the big things that   people are looking for what they've asked us  about is in addition to housing and home prices   okay other air things around there that you can  kind of enjoy okay and I'll tell you that between   Fort Lauderdale and the Fort Lauderdale area you  have parks that actually are set up to basically   accommodate folks that are over 55 I mean they  have reduced fees for folks at over 55. they also   have amenities that are geared around that if you  need if you need a little bit of assistance they   have wider uh sidewalks wider walk ways for that  they have little ramps to get in and out okay one   of the probably one of the most significant  things that Fort Lauderdale in the State of   Florida as a whole but Fort Lauderdale really  works on a Broward county is that there if you   if you move down here and you make one of the  properties down here primary residence you get   a homestead exemption if you're over 50 over 65  you get an increased exemption and that could be   as much as fifty thousand dollars off the assessed  value of your home which makes your real estate   taxes a whole heck of a lot more affordable okay  now as we've said before we've talked about this   before about living down here Florida is one of  the few States left in the country that doesn't   have a state income tax so if you're looking to  make your make your retirement income go a little   bit further not have to pay state income tax  South Florida and Fort Lauderdale is certainly   an area to look at because it will make your  it will make your your retirement dollars go   a little bit further so hey you know what here's  our friends martian Bill maybe we can bug them a   little bit more so hey folks hey do you mind if  I ask you a few more questions I know I'm kind   of a pain in the neck sometimes but but but my  wife my wife tolerates me so Tylenol does work   this is true and when all else fails there's  always you know uh stonly or you know or yeah you guys had mentioned early on that you've  lived in a couple different places down here   yeah what have you found that's interesting  about there what do you have some challenging   about the housing market where do you find it's  been interesting about the housing market well   we first moved to Las Olas and we really liked it  because you can walk down Las Olas all the stores   it's like big city yeah well the restaurants and  then after about five years we decided we should   move on the intercoastal okay so we moved to Fort  Lauderdale and we went down by the sea yes and it   was wonderful we would walk Florida by the sea  is one of our favorite places to go great I mean   great they redid it recently they're beautiful  in a community like a home community so and you   recently you mentioned that you guys now live  in Pompano yes okay and where about some if you   don't want me to ask you don't get too personal  about it but we live around there we live in Palm   Bay okay oh Palmyra is one of the uh it's one of  the Premier uh condo communities here yeah um now   is that is that a an all ages Community or it's  all late okay so now it's all ages there's older   people younger people children everybody kind of  seems to get along well and stuff like that as far   as I know as far as you're concerned right well  terrific it may be a few exceptions but no yeah   there is it there is anytime you have three or  more people there's going to be a few exceptions   one thing about Palm Air is that the apartments  are very large okay okay it was it was pre-war   yeah and we were very lucky that our apartment  was done oh wow that's wonderful everything   the way we would fix did ourselves ours  was like move-in ready oh terrific all   we needed was a toothbrush in your clothes and  they're deodorant and clothes there you go yes   so and I'm a swimmer so I decided to do water  aerobics so I do that I have 16 people that follow   me you know how cool is that you know and folks  we talked about having you know kind of kind of   activities for adults and there we have somebody  who basically sets up water aerobics at where they   live so the folks can come and work out I mean  how neat is that such good friends that we also   socialize we go to different places we went to  the Bonnet house we've gone to the Norton Museum   trying to think I can't think of everything  there's there's definitely no shortage of places   to go visit down here have you seen that have you  seen some of the places do they are they are they   are they again you know are they senior senior  retiree friendly I mean you get like discounted   raids and stuff like that a lot of places are  they do give you a discount rate for uh seniors   okay which we'll get to you know in a few years  from now when you become seniors exactly right now   we're still Juniors we have met such nice people  and in addition we met the both of you that's   terrific I know Kevin and Suzanne we want to be  your friend there you go that's terrific terrific   and now what are aerobics that she teaches I mean  it's a very ages I think from 30 to about 95.

Wow   now that's incredible you have somebody who's 95  years old phenomenal that's wonderful so folks   if you have any questions about things that are  about activities that are available here's proof   positive that you have somebody that took it upon  themselves to set up their own water aerobics   uh kind of classes for folks and they have folks  that come in there basically spanning almost 40   years of age now how I mean there's not many other  places that you can go to where you find in the   water aerobics is oh that's even better so folks  folks Palm Air Pompano Beach martian Bill water   aerobics so folks you know I'm Kev and we're  living in Fort Lauderdale with Kevin sues okay   we're one of the original YouTube channels down  here for the Fort Lauderdale area okay and one of   the things that we love doing more than helping  everybody else who with any kind of real estate   related questions because Suzanne and I are both  we are both licensed Realtors okay it's basically   sharing the area around around Fort Lauderdale  in the area of South Florida especially areas   like Pompano Beach where folks of folks have  been asking us about specific information we   love sharing that information with everybody  we love showing everybody basically you know   where we live and why we love living here so  if you have any questions at all please feel   free to give us a call shoot us a text drop us an  email DM us okay or click on the link below and   you can go ahead and set up a a 40 to 45 minute  session where you can talk about Pompano Beach   Fort Lauderdale South Florida any kind of real  estate related issues or questions you guys may   have make sure that you click the Bell to get  notified every time we drop a new video out so   you can subscribe please hit like if you like  it okay and if for some reason you didn't like   it please let us know so we can make improvements  okay and also please if you would share this with   all your friends and family so they can get kind  of the 4-1-1 on everything going on around here   in Pompano Beach the Fort Lauderdale area and  South Florida south Florida in general and Fort   Lauderdale more specifically has made a tremendous  stride in the last in the last five to ten years   in regards to providing you know kind of public  and private assistance they encourage a lot of   folks they recognize that there's been an influx  of a lot of folks coming in that that wasn't part   of the orig of their the longer term demographic  of being over 55.

So they're doing a lot of things   to basically encourage all kind is a public and  private assistance for you know for for seniors   I mean it's and let's face it some folks when  they come down here things change okay and they   come down here with all intentions of basically  retiring down here and and situations change we've   had covid we've had issues with uh you know with  the economies changing and whatnot so there are a   lot of programs available specifically for seniors  both from the county of Broward and from the city   of Fort Lauderdale to provide assistance there's  there's assistance with temporary assistance with   housing if need be there's there are lots  of free clinics that offer free medication   that offer free physicals and free Physicians  visits other areas close by that offer rental   assistance that offer assistance down payment  assistance to bring folks down here I mean folks   Fort Lauderdale does not want to move away from  space for the longest time has been you know has   been basically a Haven for retirees to come down  and they want to do a lot of they want to do as   much as they possibly can continue to encourage  that and the other thing too is that I mean I   don't want to dwell on all the things that may  not be may be necessarily unpleasant to folks but   a lot of assistance is available for example  there are you know some of some of the most   significant Employers in Fort Lauderdale we're  talking about Walmart we're talking about Target   we're talking about lows we're talking about  Home Depot they they are specifically looking   to hire seniors and we're hire retirees so if you  want to come down here get a little part-time gig   going on okay to kind of enjoy yourself give you  something to do a little bit of spending coin it's   a terrific thing it's a beautiful thing and and  Fort Lauderdale and Broward County these very   very strongly encourage that the other thing too  is that I and one thing it's it's often overlooked   I feel actually kind of bad I probably should  you know cash size myself for not thinking this   sooner but there are all types of volunteer  activities down here there are a significant   number of major Charities we're talking the Red  Cross we're talking Leukemia Lymphoma Society   talking American Cancer Society we're talking  a lot of places down here that off that are   looking for volunteers to basically help out and  do what they can do and help out wherever they can   so I mean there's oh there's all kinds of  opportunity for seniors coming down to look   to retire so I mean basically it's the point  I'm trying to make is that coming down here as   a retiree basically doesn't mean that you're going  to be cooped up in a condo or cooped up in a house   there's a lot that you can do now folks there's  all kinds of great and wonderful things for   retirees to do down in South Florida and also that  and more specifically in the Fort Lauderdale area   for example there are four major casinos there's  hard the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino there's the   Isles Casino which is now owned by Harris there's  the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino there's a casino   Dania Beach so if you know if gaming a little  bit of a little bit gain some chances in your   is in your thing is in your uh your life that's  terrific okay there are also all kinds of of most   of the schools down here most of the colleges  universities down here they offer free or very   very low cost classes for seniors they want to  come down here they I mean they love to get the   feedback love to get the Imp of what's going  on not to mention the fact that let's face it   folks you're in South Florida okay you're close to  the Everglades you're close to the keys there are   all kinds of things that are going on on around  the Everglades and around the keys to basically   be able to to have things for you to do I mean  exactly I mean I mean addition to this wonderful   place where we are right now on the Water Taxi  and our new friends Marsh and Bill you can go   to the Gulf Stream which is a nice a nice Casino  area has horse racing you can get into Hollywood   you can walk to broad walk in Hollywood which  is two and a half miles long and 40 feet wide   you can go down to Fort Lauderdale Beach there's  all kinds of activities there for basically for   seniors and they welcome us they you know they  offer all kinds of incentives including sometimes   free and reduced costs for things for seniors  to do Fort Lauderdale is a warm sunny City with   beautiful beaches a vibrant art scenes and just a  wonderful environment okay and it's a great place   for retirees to come and and whether whether you  want to have an active life whether you're looking   to kind of kick back and kind of lay back a little  bit it's a great to retire to if you have any   questions about Fort Lauderdale or South Florida  any questions you have at all about housing any   questions about real estate if you're thinking if  you have any any questions in regards to it's just   a good place for you to help for you to retire  to please feel free to reach out give us a call   shoot us a text send us an email or just click  on the calendar link we're happy to spend 40 to   45 minutes kind of going over what you're thinking  about what your concerns are and what we can help   with and folks you know we're more than happy  to answer any questions that you have [Music] what's up

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