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Retirement Planning | Corpus Calculation For #retirementPlanning | Retirement Calculator For All Age

What is retirement planning? There is only one rule of retirement planning that your self-respect should remain intact as long as you are there and your wife is there. The life style you have today, the confidence you have today, this confidence and life style should be with you all your life even after retirement. Such a situation should not arise that you do not have to look away from the relatives in the neighborhood, you are not able to pay the society bills, you have to reduce the car model, you are not able to upgrade it, how will all these things be possible and why you should plan for immediate retirement. Because what problem will there be due to delay and will it be a big problem, no banker advisor will come to tell, stay in the video till the end, I will try to cover each point, the video may be a little long, so save the video if you want.

If you have less time, and if you are new to the channel, then subscribe to the channel and if you like the video, do not forget to like. I am Viplav Majdar. We have created Plan Year World in such a way that you can do your own retirement planning and no one else can do it. There is no interest in your life, you save money from anywhere by using different methods and after that your savings are misused in any investment whether through advisor or through banks and I have done this in 17 years. Found that you can become your advisor, for this I will do a session for you from Tuesday to Thursday this week. There is a 3 day workshop online in the evening from 7:30 pm, where you will sit with all your questions and I will discuss live with you. I will do it and despite the value of Rs 29999, it is available for you only and only for Rs.

If you want, you can participate in the session. The link is in the description. Let's move ahead. In this video, retirement planning is an approach based on what will happen in life. We will see that this approach will not work in retirement. You have a very long life. How many years of retirement are you going to have in retirement? What a deep topic it is, I will discuss it in detail with you. This will be your retirement at 60 or 55, whatever is your retirement age. But this will happen till the age of 90, so you should plan till the age of 90. You should plan till the age of 90. And what is the rule, the rule is only one, your dignity, you should have money continuously and believe me, you too will have elderly parents in your house, you have seen. For the elderly, their self-respect is their money and you too will be elderly after 10, 15, 20 or 30 years from now.

What is the reason why we need to plan our retirement and at what age is retirement? Do you have it in your country? Whatever your retirement age, it is not possible for HR to increase it. There are many reasons for retirement for you. See, if you work in private, then this situation can come at any time because you get very long growth in your career.

You did a wonderful job. You reached middle age and replaced your senior. You did the work of three men with Double Compton and you further changed things by replacing the top one. If someone comes here too then maybe saturation will come. You have to be replaced, it is health, it could be a health condition, it could be the level of knowledge, it could be AI, there are many things due to which you can lose your job at any time. You must have heard that someone has lost their job and it's been 2 years or 3 years. Went back and did not get the same job. Is this not force retirement? Did the person's household expenses stop? Did his children stop going to school? No, we do not want this thing. So you need to plan your retirement weather. We can take retirement as per our wish. 45 At the age of 50 or at the age of 70 or from any region you lose your job, you should be ready for retirement, it seems very impossible, you will think that Viplav, what kind of thing is this? Yes, what I have earned in 17 years is Rs.

15000. I am sharing that experience with families with you, so that you can make your income in any situation, whatever be your situation, I will try so that by the end you can see clearly how, what will be the corpus, what are the profiles, which people face problems. I will talk about this also. So the cost of delay in retirement planning is the biggest factor. What should be the age to plan for retirement? Should I start planning for retirement when I turn 40 or should I start at the age of 25? How does your child decide? Even if he is young, if he is 28 years old, should we do retirement planning? Let's see in this slide how it should be done.

See an example. If someone has invested Rs. 00 per month, what difference does it make? What difference does financial decisions make? What does financial education mean to us in life? It is sad that it is not taught in any college whereas it should be taught completely in graduation. This person is investing and will invest for 30 years and we have assumed a return of 15%. Now comes the small aspect that you have invested 3 lakh rupees every month for 30 years and have deposited 36 lakh rupees. How much money are you getting after depositing 15 rupees? If your annual return is 15 rupees, then this can be debatable from where 15 rupees? It will come but only if you look at it from the angle of study, do 12 out of 15, whatever you want to do, there are calculators, you can use it but the point is 5.6 crores, now here a thought comes that brother, what is the hurry, I should retire.

I will be fine later on, we will do retirement planning, now are the days to play, jump, eat and drink, so we can do this also, there is no mistake in thinking, but does it make any difference in life, let's see what difference it makes, now accept that This person decided that he will start this investment after 20 years for retirement and what does starting after 20 years mean for you that he has given 0000 per month, earlier he was giving 10, now he will give 0000 and he will give 0000 per month for 10 years. Right now, after depositing Rs 36 lakh, you will get how much you will get. You too must have some figure in your mind, you can write it on your notepad. It is a small figure, so you can guess anything. People say that it will be reduced to half, some people say that it will be further reduced, some say that it will not make any difference, so what is your knowledge, I don't know, let's see, if you deposit Rs 0000 for 10 years, what situation will arise.

The situation is 78. Lakhs and Friends, this is a very big question which you have to ask yourself. Were there two factors in this example which changed his life? A person who retires with Rs. 1.5 crores. A person who retires with Rs. 78 Lakhs. What about both? Life will be the same but where is the difference, the difference is in financial education. One man knew this by mistake, one man did not know this, another did it by mistake and the other may not have planned, there is a difference but life. It makes a huge difference in the confidence of your children, in the confidence of your wife, even the walls of your house speak about how much money is in the account. So this is the Difference Now The Point The Biggest Point If this person has to bring Rs 5.6 crores to the latter person and suppose his age is 50 years then it means he has to pay Rs 2.1 lakhs monthly. Is it possible but it is not possible at all. That's why when you wake up in the morning, money is most important for retirement.

If you plan today, you will have less money, you will do it after one year and you will spend more money. If you do it even after one year, then the money will seem more at once. We will see this in the calculation and I Will try that this calculator is given to you, you can also download it, this is your life style, complete life cycle, now if we talk about the bottom line, then it is showing the edge, this is your expenses, in red, can one reduce the expenses? And if we have to think about whether there should be more or less tea in a cup of tea because we do not have money, then there cannot be a bigger compromise in life than this.

You do it for health, it is understandable, but if money makes a difference in eating habits. If it comes, it makes a big difference, remember just one rule in your life and that is that you need increasing income throughout your life. Whatever be your lifestyle, you use biscuits of one company, you use milk, so You will do it today also but will you do it in future also but what will happen if today your expenditure is Rs 50000 then every 10 years it is going to double. Every 10 years it will double after 7 years and you need money to run the house. Will there be any month like this? When you can say to ma'am that there is no money, God forbid it happens, hence there is a need to plan it and many people say that I will take a pension plan, after watching this video many people will also think that pension.

I will take the plan, don't make such a mistake, don't break your luck with your own hands. If Reason Being Pension Plan is giving 50000 then it will give 50000 till the last, remember this and your expenses will keep increasing in which order they will be in this manner if the expenses are 45 per This is 50000, so this is how much your expenses have increased. Will it be possible to get 10 times your income with 50000? The requirement of milk is ₹ per litre. You have seen it in your life today up to ₹ 500. It will keep on increasing in the future too, so you need that much money.

So that you can run your house and this is the first rule and as soon as you enter this you will see India doesn't have any kind of meaningful pension product. There is not a single product which can give you adequate pension, so stop asking any advisor or banker. What is the Retirement Solution You Have to Plan It What did your neighbor's father have for breakfast this morning? Did you ask? How will we plan, you can have only one strategy and that strategy is very simple, whatever career you have, it is your career, your age is 25 years, your age is 35, 40, whatever is your age, it is 55.

You will invest every year, your savings will keep increasing, you will invest in increasing savings, now you will have a penny in the end and will live life with that money. Can we trust it to God or can we leave it to destiny? You need to make efforts. My requirement is that you should see that you should be able to save as much money as you need for you and your wife in your life from here onwards and make that much money here, so this is not possible for everyone, this is not possible for every person.

It is not possible and you have a lot of goals, different goals, responsibilities, a son has to be settled, a daughter has to be raised, you have to get married, after that your retirement and after your expenses, your savings are limited, so how can all these things be done? The answer is that you have to give it to yourself because of saving, whether you keep using your advisor, whether he keeps traveling in long trains, whether he keeps taking foreign trips, his children will study in good places, I have no problem in that good place. Their children are studying, they are studying in good places, they are roaming around.

My problem is that every month you save, it is your money and you give it away at 50, just because you do not know finance, how much time does it take. If you look at the total study of 10 hours in your whole life, if you do then you are a smart investor, you become a smart investor in yourself and you must try this because you do not need to reduce your wealth by half by giving free advice. Then there are three things, three types of profiles that I have experienced in the last 17 years. Profile one is those people who have so much money that they can fulfill all their responsibilities.

Number two is those people who have so much money that they can make money. That with great difficulty they will be able to fulfill their needs and number three are those people who do not have money for their entire life. What strategy can be made for them too? Yes, it can be made. We cover ten things in our live session. The sessions run live from Tuesday through Thursday and we cover how to create your own alternative income no matter what your situation is because it's really tough. I'll just go through the calculations in Excel to show you how it affects you so here we go in Excel. We will come back to the same slide above, here I have taken an age of 45. We have taken the age of 45 here. Now if you see, at 60, this person will take retirement. We have 15 years till the age of 90. Let's assume life expectancy is Their monthly expenditure is Rs 50000 and inflation is Rs 7. You had already seen the effect of inflation. Now the monthly requirement which will be in the 60th year will increase in the 61st, so how much will it be? 137000 per month.

Life style is the same biscuit, same milk is the same quantity. Same now the challenge is, there are so many different types of products in India which are popular that I can talk about, so if I talk about pension plan then how much money should I keep in the pension plan, this is not required, I have left it blank. Just for the purpose of your calculation, I start with FD. FD of Rs 5 crore 70 lakh is required. If you plan it in mutual fund, you will have to collect mutual fund of Rs 4 crore 35 lakh. Rental income required is Rs 4 crore 52 lakh. You will have to make rental income. Now what is the point, the problem is that if I make an FD of Rs 5.7 crore then I will have to invest Rs 2 lakh per month because I have made it late, in mutual fund I make Rs 114000.

Because it is late, if I make rental income then I make Rs 111000. Because I am already late, if I change the age here, I make the age 50, then again a challenge has come for you, I would like to say one thing to my viewer, friends, if this is scaring you then there is no need to be afraid, so be afraid. It seems because you have lots of strategy on Financial Strategist of Compounding, I showed you on Cost of Delay, if you become your advisor, you see which decision in which situation, taking which decision will make your things better and which goal.

Which goal will you postpone? What financial strategy should you employ? What changes should you make in the total portfolio? Is there any advisor interested besides you? Everyone has his own plan. Plan your world. That's why we start teaching you at a completely subsidized cost in just Rs 299. We do it from Tuesday to Thursday, our sessions are happening, you come and see for yourself, till then do not make any investment, watch the session, whatever investment is going, if PF is going, then why is it going, if it is VPF, then why is it NPS, then why is it there? Why have we done FD, then what is left after paying tax.

Ultimately, things have to happen only through saving and you need to prepare your strategy. We do not sell any product. Our only work is that every house should have its own financial planner. So that your money is not wasted and you can take advantage of this thing with your money, you should also become your own advisor, why see, in your whole life you have advisors, there are companies, there are banks, there are insurance companies, what do they have interest in? They have only interest. And in just one thing, whatever wealth you have in your house, they should get all this wealth, all the wealth should remain with them and what is your interest, your interest is whether you can finish the loan, whether you can educate your children, whether you have your job or not. You should be financially free, you have children, they are settled, whether you are still employed or not, you still have financial freedom and this thing can come only with financial education, this calculator is available in the link. I will give it if you want to attend the live session, want to participate with just 299, you can also understand that 299 costs nothing for three days of hard work, the commitment is if you are not interested in your life then who can Be Interested: Whatever amount you save, you have already been saving for 152 years, so you must educate yourself Financially Express.

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