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How to Use the Monthly Retirement Calculator   The monthly retirement benefit calculator provided by Colorado PERA is a valuable tool for retirement planning. To access this tool, simply log into your secure account at Once logged in, you will find an estimated monthly retirement benefit displayed. This estimate is based on the date when you become eligible for full retirement benefits. To use the calculator and tailor your estimate to your specific circumstances, click on the “Calculate Projected Monthly Benefit” button. This will allow you to explore different retirement date options, adjust your highest ever salary, and see how purchasing service credit can impact your estimated monthly benefit. It’s crucial to note that when using the calculator, any changes to your projected retirement date should be accompanied by corresponding adjustments to your years of service credit. This ensures that your estimate accurately reflects your expected years of service. If you are considering options two or three for your retirement plan, you can also enter a co-beneficiary’s date of birth at the bottom of the calculator. This will help you assess how this factor might influence your estimated monthly benefit. After entering this information, click “Calculate” to view your updated estimate. You have the flexibility to fine-tune your calculations by adjusting retirement dates, years of service, and highest average salary as many times as needed. This tool empowers you to make informed decisions about your retirement plan. As found on YouTube Florida RetirementPosted in Retire Wealthy, Retirement Planning

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