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How to Make $1,000 Per Month in Dividends! #shorts

If you want to make a thousand bucks a month in  dividends i gotta be honest here it is gonna take   quite a bit of cash to get to that point but i'm  gonna show you exactly how to do the math here   so that you can know for yourself what it takes  to make a thousand bucks a month in dividends   so the first thing you have to do is turn  your monthly amount into a yearly amount   then just take a thousand and multiply it by 12  12 months in a year and boom you've got 12 000   bucks right here in the calculator now just  look up any company that pays out a dividend   and in this case prospect capital they do pay  dividends out once per month now just find their   current dividend yield which in this case is eight  point eight three percent and now we're going to   go back into the calculator so just take your  yearly amount which was twelve thousand bucks   and divide that by the dividend yield and  in the calculator that's going to be 0.0883   and now we've got close to 136 thousand dollars  that you need to invest today in that specific   company with their current dividend yield to  make a thousand bucks a month in dividends

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