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Best places to retire in Florida – Lakeland Florida Oh, hi mom. Yeah, I mean, well, wait a second. What does stuffing myself with the donut have to do with you find folks considering best places to retire in Florida? Let’s find out right now. Hi Anant, how are you? Are you eating well? Did you get my message? Oh, hi mom. Yeah, I’m eating well. What’s going on? Tired of this cold weather with thinking about maybe moving, maybe buying in Florida. What do you think? Oh, that’s not a bad idea. Mom, who are you talking to? I’m talking to Anant. Oh, let me talk to him. Here he is. Yeah. Hey Anant, How’s your money situation? Stop spending too much. Okay. Okay, dad, I’ll give it back to mom. You know, mom, Florida sounds like a great option, and I just might know a realtor that can help my mom and dad. Hi there Anant Deoras “AD” with exp Realty, and I’m sure you’ve had the very similar conversation I had with my mom and dad with your adult son or daughter. There are two guarantees living in Chicago, in the Chicago area. One as my mom’s so eloquently mentioned is weather the other taxes, so why not consider moving to a top five area? Yes, top five area best places to retire is, Florida according to Also, you’d be surprised, but actually Florida ranked in the top seven in the tax-friendly States in the nation. Conversely, Illinois in that same article was in the bottom five articles. So the choice is clear, make that move Illinois to Florida, but then you’re probably questioning is okay where when I put my place on the market and I decide to move, where am I gonna live? Well, I’ve got you covered. My realtor partner, Lisa Kelly is going to now explain why, why Lakeland, Florida is one, one of the best places to retire. But before you go, I want to make sure you’re aware. I’ve got a complimentary seller marketing guide available just below in the description of this video where you can download and take a look at it. And I look forward to helping you sell your home. Lisa, take it away. Thanks Anant! Hi, I’m Lisa Kelly. Lakeland homes and lifestyles with premier Realty in beautiful Lakeland, Florida. Lakeland is this hidden gem balancing warm year-round weather with affordable living. In a recent article in the U.S news and world report, Lakeland was named as one of the top 10 retirement destinations in Florida. Here’s three reasons why you should consider Lakeland as your retirement destination. Number one, while the greater Lakeland area is the ultimate city to retire are low or in some cases no taxes. Florida has no state income tax. That means that there’s no state income tax on your social security benefits. Your 401ks, your IRAs, and there’s no state income tax on your estate or inheritance either, but you’re going to want to sit down with your financial advisor to determine which revenue stream is best for your personal circumstances, but be rest assured there are no state income taxes here. Glorious weather if you want warm weather six months out of the year and four months out of the year, you like hot weather with a little bit of humidity and an occasional summer storm. You’re going to love it here. But those two months, I would say between January and March, all may, it is gorgeous here. Our highs are in the fifties sixties sometimes forties depending on if it’s an a February day or not, and sometimes we do get down to around 30 sometimes even twenties on rare occasions. No snow here. I take that back. We did have snow one day. It was January 19th, 1977 I’ll never forget it. Everyone went outside and played with it. It made national news. We had about 0.2 inches for you Canadians. That’s 0.5 centimeters. I mean a little tiny little bit, but it did make national news. I’ve lived here for over a half a century and we’ve only had, I think three major races. Most of the times it’s shorts tee shirts and flip clocks in our clinics between Lakeland, winter Haven, Bartow and Urbandale. We have some of the best medical facilities in the state that includes Lakeland regional part of Florida, Moffitt cancer center and Watson clinic centering research center had the best of both worlds. Here we have low taxes, low cost of living, very affordable, all the same time you’re having access to that Florida lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. I’ve lived here for over 50 years and I can’t imagine a more ideal place to retire. Thank you for taking the time to watch today and don’t forget to click the links down below in the description of all the details of some of the things I shared with you today. I’m Lisa Kelly. Lakeland homes and lifestyles with premier Realty, and until then, I’ll see you on the next one. And don’t forget to download my relocation guide Anant and I look forward to offering you the very best guidance and advice when making this important life decision. As found on YouTube Florida RetirementPosted in Retire Wealthy, Retirement PlanningTagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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