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Best place to Retire by the Beach just on $1500 a Month

imagine walking through the sand under the striking sun playing with big waves what a scene for your retirement plan but looking at your savings it saddens you knowing that you are probably too far away from your dream beach retirement home and by then you remember that your social security somehow might help you with an average social security amount of less than fifteen hundred dollars per month is there any way you can still achieve a dream like beach home no worries my friend welcome to nowhere diary where we will break down to you the best places to retire by the beach for less than fifteen hundred dollars a month but before we get into it please do me a favor by clicking the like and the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so that you'll be notified any time we release a new video whether you're years away from your retirement i bet you already are planning on how to get to the beach vacation like retirement you've been dreaming of and short savings shouldn't be hindering you from having the best days of your lives as per insured retirement institute 42 of the billion americans admit that their savings may not be enough for their retirement as a result the majority of americans rely on social security to get them through retirement however since the average social security payment is only fifteen hundred dollars a month you won't have much to work with but lucky you we will be giving you the best choices where you can get you to dream retirement places with an affordable price tag suitable for you but to be able to consider it as one of the best places in an affordable expense there are other things that you have to consider of course the feels and how homely it makes you will be a top priority yeah we will be helping you to be strategic about it and as we discuss one by one our top 10 places to retire by the beach for less than fifteen hundred dollars a month number ten cardigana colombia colombia is considered the second most biodiverse country globally where you can experience the climate you prefer columbia offers diverse climates from warm tropical oceanside villages to spring-like cities and towns in the upper hills and colder mountainous terrain according to the colombian department of immigration the number of tourists from the united states visiting colombia increased to 445 000 in 2015 an increasing number of those visitors are finding the advantages of retiring in colombia retirees may find all they need for a pleasant existence in latin america's third biggest economy which has a stable government and financial system world-class health care and a reduced cost of living cardigana has a well-developed network of governmental and private health care facilities they have typical health insurance of only fifty dollars a month with an assurance of remarkable high quality in addition there is good access to economic and high quality dental services and in terms of home value reasonable rents are available between three hundred dollars and seven hundred dollars per month for two bedroom apartments there is also an abundance of fresh low-cost local meats and poultry with prices ranging from fifty to sixty percent of what you pay in the u.s [Music] number nine tagazu morocco morocco is the cheapest country to live in given its location it can be an advantage for you living here especially if you plan to create a business in your retirement years takazu is a seaside city on the atlantic ocean near to several western european nations it boasts one of the fastest interconnect connections which is why it has been a popular location for businesses in recent years it also has a low cost of living where a central apartment will cost you just four hundred dollars a month with all bills included in some cases moreover this place has so much to offer other than just that this is one of the best places to go if you want to spend some time performing outdoor hobbies and sports it is one of the top surfing places in the world with beautiful beaches if extreme activities aren't your thing you may simply relax on the beach and soak up the sun well that would be best for your everyday beach vacation number eight hoi on vietnam vietnam's exceptionally inexpensive cost of living according to international living is a significant appeal according to author tim lafell in a better life for half the price vietnam is one of the finest deals globally for tourists especially when it comes to accommodations in food this city is separated into two halves featuring magnificent green mountains and incredible vistas and the other with beautiful beaches in hoi on there is something for everyone including sandy beaches also being in the town's old city you're one step closer to unesco world heritage site where you can discover new things every day the rent in hoi on is on average 300 a month for a one bedroom apartment you will also be lucky to experience a very low tax rate in this city number seven phnom penh cambodia cambodia is claimed to be the top spot in the cost of living category three years in a row in international living's annual global retirement index dining in cambodia is inexpensive whether you prepare your meals or dine at a restaurant in phnom penh lunch at a low-cost restaurant will cost you around four dollars prices are significantly cheaper elsewhere in the country cambodia's capital and most populated city is phnom penh when it comes to visiting a southeast asian country everyone wants to see phnom penh's beaches a one-bedroom urban apartment in phnom penh costs about 250 dollars a month and is surrounded by attractive cultural resorts there are several beaches within a few hours drive of the capital namely kept beach beaches and otras serendipity beach kotak beach lazy beach and ream beach at reem national park number six cuenca ecuador if your ideal retirement place is a house near unspoiled beaches with a very quiet atmosphere then ecuador is for you ecuador has a 530-mile stretch of coastline where land comes very cheap and visitors in ecuador often set their eyes to the country's vibrant city which is cuenca cuenca is known for its very low cost of living which amounts to 25 percent of what it costs to live in some u.s cities while enjoying affordable living you will surely get a smile on your face as you get the rest you wanted in their resort towns and quiet fishing villages number 5 central valley costa rica american countries like costa rica are known for their magnificent tropical beaches and have approximately 800 miles of coastline reaching over two seas because the waters are normally warm you can spend the entire day in the water tried and tested international living suggests that it is a must to check out costa rica's central valley where you'll get the moderate climate and lush green landscape coupled with safe residential communities which is very much near to numerous pristine beaches there are many white and dark sanded beaches at numerous resorts along the pacific coast it would also be hard to beat the central valley when you're looking for beautiful inexpensive good climate not for going being close to tropical beaches number four algarve portugal portugal is rife with beauty history and culture yet manages to fly slightly under the radar in europe international living editor jennifer stevens calls it the best value living in western europe today those are looking for the absolute best place to settle we have the algarve the best coastal region in portugal primarily people living here are english-speaking individuals so it's already an advantage for you to have comfortable daily living algarve is the place of massive coastline beautiful cobblestone streets and sunny temperature which is the choice of 100 thousand expats worldwide oh what a great place to meet new people for a companion also the rents are at a low price and you can have a beautiful apartment in the city center for less than four hundred dollars three bay saint louis mississippi meanwhile if you're looking for a place with low living costs and no income tax for any retirement income then i can't think of any more suitable place for you than bay saint louis yes you heard it right in saint louis you don't have to pay taxes on any retirement income plus you can also find an apartment right off the beaches with less than a thousand dollars per month you will also definitely enjoy the milder temperatures in saint louis you can also consider going around small towns in this cute city with a pretty fair population of 13 000 people number 2 corpus christi texas residents of texas are also excluded from paying income taxes making it an attractive retirement option for those on a tight budget located in the south region of texas corpus christi provides both a tranquil beach vacation and a vibrant city life with lots of activities it covers about four thousand acres and has a five mile stretch of coastline there goes padre island national seashore a famous beach location featuring 70 miles of shoreline prairies dunes and plenty of wildlife on the other hand you can also enjoy the nearby texas state aquarium art museum of south texas and famous restaurant just a short drive away in the city you can enjoy all of this just by renting an average monthly rate of roughly 975 dollars wow number one pensacola florida florida residents are exempt from paying income tax making it one of the ideal places to move if you're trying to stretch out your tight finances and in florida pensacola tops to be the most popular destination pensacola loads with various restaurants museums and miles of white sand beaches and it is a retirement haven for those looking for a city to unwind and explore the best part though is the city's relatively low cost of living with an average renter pays around 950 dollars per month however due to the increasing demand for houses in florida home values are quickly increasing so what are you waiting for grab that pen and plan retirement living in this dream-like city pensacola and that's it for today's video of the best place to retire by the beach for less than fifteen hundred dollars a month do you think you'll end up living in one of the mentioned places what is the most ideal for you let me know your ideas by commenting down below also do not forget to click the like subscribe and notification bell beside it so you get notified for our next videos thanks for watching

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