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Become a Millionaire by 30 | How To Gear Your Life For Wealth

Becoming a millionaire and being able to live the life you want is a dream for most, and achieving this by the age of 30 can seem like a wild fantasy. While everyone has a different journey, and there are no guarantees in life, utilising these tips will go a long way to helping you crack those seven figures. #1 Ditch the steady pay check Wealthy people are typically self-employed and determine the size of their own pay check. It’s not that there aren’t superstars who punch a time clock, but for most it’s the slowest path to wealth, promoted as the safest.

The great successes know that self-employment is the fastest road to wealth. While the elite continue starting businesses and building fortunes, average people settle for steady pay checks and miss out on the opportunity to accumulate great wealth. The masses almost guarantee themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with a modest salary and yearly pay rises. #2 Don’t show off – show up! True success and wealth isn’t represented by your latest gold watch or fancy sports car – especially if it’s leased or put you in debt. These things may create a superficial image that makes you feel good about yourself, but time will erode this when debt eats into your wealth, and you cannot sustain the lifestyle you’ve tried to adopt too early. Many a millionaire have stated they’ve been driving an old rust box well past their first million, but have upgraded when they can pay cash. Be known for your work ethic, not the trinkets you buy! Show up, work hard, and be known for what you achieve…the money will follow. #3 Money doesn’t sleep Money doesn’t know about clocks, schedules, holidays, and you shouldn’t either.

Money loves people that have a great work ethic. If you want real success and wealth, you’re going to have to make sacrifices like foregoing some social events and putting in the hours. With the ability to utilise the internet for marketing and making money, time zones and geographic locations are no longer an issue for entrepreneurs with a dream anywhere. #4 Avoid debt that doesn’t pay you This is a shift in mindset in how you think about money and whether you buy luxury toys or utilise money to make money. Make it a rule to never use debt that won’t make you money. The wealthy use debt to leverage investments and grow their income streams.

Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer! Get your money to do the heavy lifting for you. Investing is the ultimate road to becoming a millionaire and beyond! You should make more money off your investments than your work. Many successful entrepreneurs outlay thousands in cash to get their start-ups off the ground, and report making that money back each and every month for many years. Investing is the only reason to follow any of the other steps, and make your money work for you, rather than you working for your money. #5 Focus on money & make it a priority While it sounds superficial, it is a harsh reality.

To get rich and stay rich, you will have to make money a priority. Ignore it, and it will ignore you. Rarely can you just focus elsewhere and hope the money will find you, as you need to be making decisions based on what is most beneficial to your business or situation. Without focusing on these decisions financially, you had better find fulfilment in other areas of what you do. You can still be ethical and conscious of your customers or the value you provide, but keep the money in focus if your aim is to be rich. #6 Invest in yourself You don’t need a formal education to start your own business and make millions, but some form of education certainly helps to understand how to run your business! Even through self-education online, knowledge is power and helps you make better decisions, which in turn affects your wealth. Some form of education is a highly valuable investment in ourselves.

Statistics show a strong correlation between education and wealth, and it can open the door to many opportunities. Even if you can’t start your own business right now, being educated and working for someone else on a decent salary can help you to build some capital to invest. Keep in mind many entrepreneurs don’t even branch out on their own until later in life, so don’t feel like you’ve already set your path. But if you want to be a millionaire by 30, you really need to ditch the steady pay check and take that risk head on.

Fortune favours the brave! And finally, #7 Don’t be poor! Fight for it! Work harder! A lot of us have been poor, it’s no way to live. Everyone has different circumstances and dealt different cards, but don’t let an excuse be your defining legacy. Fight for it! Eliminate all ideas that a mediocre life is somehow okay! And to close out with an old expression: “It’s not your fault if you’re born in the gutter, but it is your fault if you die there”.

Now go out and get it! .

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5 Things To Do 5 Years Before Retirement

Hi everyone bill Leff in here for money evolution dot-com in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about five things that you should do when you’re five years away from retirement ok so right off the bat number one is get organized so if you’re planning for retirement you might have a lot of your financial information scattered into a whole lot of different places maybe you’ve got some 401k plans at work or maybe even an old 401k some IRA accounts maybe your spouse has some retirement plans or old pension benefits so the first thing you want to do is really kind of bring all of that information in together we also want to start to in that process start identifying how some of those retirement resources are going to be able to work for you to provide you with the retirement lifestyle that you want we call it your retirement gap so fortunately we’ve got a couple of tools available to help you with this process one of those but number one is get organized number two is we want to look at how we can kind of optimize some of those retirement assets that you have we call the shift money to tax advantaged accounts so as you approach retirement for a lot of people we find that your cash flow tends to improve or get a little bit better maybe your kids have moved out of the house you’re done paying for college they’re kind of self-sufficient on their own hopefully if your career and your job is going well you’re maybe making a little bit more money so you might have a little bit more cash flow available to save money for retirement but we also want to look at where some of those monies are being saved and what we find for a lot of people is if you have money and non retirement accounts taxable accounts that you have to pay income taxes every year on are there ways or opportunities for you to shift that over into tax advantaged accounts and we find for many people there are you know so take a look at are you maxing out your 401k plan some 401k plans allow you to save an additional 10% in an after-tax savings via call there’s a recent tax law that now allows you to move that money directly to a Roth IRA account even if you’re over the income limits you can contribute money to IRA accounts or Roth IRA accounts there’s lots of strategies there but can we shift money from one side of the balance sheet where you’re not getting that tax advantage over into a retirement account is number two number three is know your healthcare options so this was this came up recently and it was listed as one of the number one concerns for retirees going into retirement is how much is my healthcare gonna cost and understanding that is very important because it’s some big big price tags on this so if you know if you’re working and your employer is offering health care insurance now you want to visit the HR department find out well what do they do did they do anything for you in retirement is there any options to continue that health care especially if you are going to be retiring prior to age 65 when you’re eligible for Medicare if you’re married check out what your spouse offers – and compare those different plants are putting together some ideas of how much that health care is gonna cost because you don’t want to get blindsided by that in fact there’s actually a recent study that JP Morgan did a couple years ago and they actually said that if you had to go out into the exchanges the Affordable Care Act exchanges for a sixty four-year-old it would cost you about eighty four hundred dollars a year per person for just a silver plan so that’s not even the top level plan so understand what those options are check with your employer that’s number three number four is you want to think about your plan for income so hopefully if you’ve done some financial planning you’ve identified some of those gaps you know where those gaps are and what we find oftentimes is especially early on in retirement where your income and the expenses still may be a little bit more variable you want to understand what some of those gaps are and how much money will you potentially have to pull out of those retirement accounts are you eligible to take money out of those retirement accounts are you over fifty nine and a half if it’s an IRA are you over 55 if it’s a 401k you don’t want to get hit with any penalties start planning out what that income strategy is gonna be and maybe having some of that money in a little bit more conservative type of investment so you’re not blindsided by oh my gosh I’m retiring I need to take twenty thousand dollars of a retirement account and guess what the stock markets down so think about that plan for income and where’s the money gonna come from and the number five I love this one because I think it kind of fulfills to two issues here with retirees and it’s consider a semi retirement so I think the idea for most of us and in fact what I think about my own retirement when that happens the idea of working you know 4050 hours a week and then all of a sudden one day just you know throwing in the towel and never working again it sounds a little bit abrupt you know so we’ve been talking to a lot of clients about semi retirement and easing your way into a retirement situation where maybe you go to a part-time status maybe you do some consulting for a few years or maybe you just do a job that you’ve always wanted to do maybe that pays a lot maybe doesn’t pay a lot but it’s fun and you enjoy doing it and it can also help to sustain some of that early retirement spending needs that you’re going to have as well so again especially if you want to do strategies like maybe delay Social Security benefits having some of that semi retirement income can really help fill some of those gaps there so think about semi retirement that’s something that can be done during the planning process where you can see how that income might help your overall financial situation

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A Jaw Dropping Court Decision Just Changed Nancy Pelosi’s Retirement Plans

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were heading into 2020 facing an uncertain future. It figured to be a watershed election that altered the face of the Democrat Party for good. But then a jaw dropping court decision changed Nancy Pelosi’s retirement plans. Democrats won the House in 2018 thanks to supercharged liberal turnout and a depressed GOP base. With Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in 2020, that dynamic would no longer exist and Republicans see a real chance to win back the majority in the House of Representatives. Pelosi and her allies are gritting their teeth in the face of a more difficult political environment. And some experts believe if Republicans oust Pelosi as Speaker in 2020, she may retire from Congress altogether. However, the left isn’t planning on staging a fair fight. Liberal activists see they may not be able to win with the current electoral playing field, so they are trying to rig the election. Democratic groups around the country are filing suit in red states to have their Congressional district maps thrown out on the grounds that they are unfairly “gerrymandered” to benefit Republicans.

The left’s latest victory on this front came in Ohio where a three-judge panel in Cincinnati unanimously tossed out the state’s Congressional map and ordered a new one drawn before 2020. “We join the other federal courts that have held partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional and developed substantially similar standards for adjudicating such claims,” the judges wrote. “We are convinced by the evidence that this partisan gerrymander was intentional and effective and that no legitimate justification accounts for its extremity.” “Performing our analysis district by district, we conclude that the 2012 map dilutes the votes of Democratic voters by packing and cracking them into districts that are so skewed toward one party that the electoral outcome is predetermined,” the ruling held. Democrats secured a similar win in Michigan where judges threw out the map Republicans had drawn after the 2010 census.

And the left needs all the help they can get in Ohio. Ohio – which was once the ultimate swing state that decided Presidential elections – is trending steadily toward the Republican Party. Since 2006, Sherrod Brown is the only Democrat to win a statewide election. And Republicans hold 12 of the state’s 16 Congressional seats. A new map in the Democrats favor would give them a chance to steal a seat or two. Despite what the fake news media writes about Donald Trump’s approval numbers, 2020 figures to be a difficult election for the Democrats. A recent CNN poll found Donald Trump with a record level of approval on the economy. President Trump is a better than even money favorite to win re-election. If Trump wins re-election, he could carry House Republicans over the finish line and back into the majority.

That’s why the Democrats are pushing judges to rig the 2020 election by redrawing maps that keep them in power. .

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Financial Planning – Watch This Before You Start Financial Planning!

Have you ever think of this question what would happen if you are hospitalized unexpectedly due to an accident or a sickness and You lose the ability to make money. Could you continue to pay your bills? If you couldn’t then I know exactly how you feel There’s nothing more frustrating than your hard-earned retirement saving has to depleted and to make matters even worse you increase your debt load Frustrated and embarrassed you end up feeling like a failure because all your plan that your so-called financial Adviser helps you set up the plans all are ruins Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been a quick and easy alternative to just put aside more emergency funds at least three to six months where everyone seems living paycheck by paycheck however, the problem with these options is that you either have to put in more time to learn more extra income by doing more than A job or reduce your spending habits to scarify your lifestyle expenses That’s why today I’m delighted to share with you the program that I just found out have the solution to help you pays your bills When you cannot work due to accident and sickness, hi, my name is Moses tan and over the last five years I’ve personally helped people to protect their ability to make pays their bills in their retirement plan And with this new program you are getting cash benefits paid directly to you as you wish to help pay unexpected expenses or everyday bills What makes this new program so different to all the other out there is there are no companies are offering this service in the market Let me show you a sneak peak how this program works When you have an accident or suffer sickness You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for added expenses or everyday bill this program pays you $3,300 direct to you if you stay in the hospital a day up to $6,000 if you stay in the hospital for five days up to $12,000 if you stay in the hospital for 10 days up to $36,000 if you stay in the hospital for 30 days This program also covers you if you have outpatient surgery or fracture each outpatient surgery or fracture incident you get pays up to $5,200 even if you have a root canal or a stitch you get pays for $1,300 it pays cash directly to you in addition to benefits provided by any other insurance policy group planned workers Compensation or any government employment insurance program Jamie a married mother of two said earlier this year I became extremely sick and missed work.

For more than three months putting my family in a very difficult financial situation She was so lucky to have this program because we would have been on the verge of being homeless due to her illness. She Was out of work for more than three months But this program was there for her and her family the whole way with prompt handling of her claim and the arrival of her benefit Checks this program made a really horrible time a whole lot easier for her and her family Raylene an individual said I was connected with a very helpful the planned customer service representative. He explained in clear detail What needed to be done to complete his claim not only by him? But also by the plan that representative acted with professionalism kindness and respect for him and his situation He had his first claim check in about one week The representatives dedication as an employee of the plan was invaluable.

Are you ready to get started in that case? I’m guessing you’ll want to know what your protection is going to be and That’s understandable given that most people on average spend hundreds of dollars to get a fraction of what you’re receiving today so if you’re ready to make a change in your life and you want to protect your retirement text Moses Town at six hundred and Four point four for one point nine to eight – or email info at living benefit CA we will contact you as soon as possible Remember, could you pay your bills while you need the money the most when you in a hospital due to accident or sickness? The good news is that you can trust us to take care of all your bills simply by becoming set up the plan today Just imagine how you’ll feel.

When you get to pay to get well at home. You can enjoy watching Netflix without worry about your bills so text Moses tan at six Oh, four four four one nine two eight – or email info at living benefit CA and let’s get you started today Looking forward to hear from you .

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