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10 TOP PLACES To Retire In Florida 2024 !

so it's absolutely no secret that Florida is one   of the most moved to destinations  especially over the last few years but that has really always been true with  retirees at least over the last few decades that   have chosen Florida as their retirement home and  that's partially driven by the beautiful gorgeous   beaches that we have here of course warm weather  year round and all these recreational activities   that you can take part in throughout the year and  so if you're someone that's interested in moving   to Florida now you're hitting those golden years  you definitely want to go to Florida but you're   just not sure where this video is going to be  for you because I'm going to talk about the   top 10 places to move to in Florida based on my  customers feedback but also my extensive travels   across Florida make sure you stick around  until the very end of this video because I   promise you there's going to be something for  everyone in this video in no particular order   we're going to get started with clear water  clear water situated on Florida's West Coast   and both beautiful beaches with crystal clear  waters of the Gulf of Mexico it has a really   fun Vibra downtown area known as the Cleveland  Street District which offers an array of shops   restaurants and culture venues and so there's a  lot to do for retirees in Clearwater who enjoy a   lively Social Scene right because there's lots  of community events that are given throughout   the year festivals and so forth the proximity  to Clearwater Beach which has been consistently   ranked as one of the top beaches in Florida  is absolutely a major draw for those seeking a   Beachside retirement paradise and so in addition  the city's excellent Healthcare facilities and   availability of quality retirement communities  makes this an even more profound proposition for   retirees because they get to enjoy the beach life  but there's also really good health care services   nearby now Clearwater is in Pinellas County  which has a population of approximately 959   000 people Clearwater city has a population  of estimated 100 and 17 000 people in the   median age there is approximately 49.

The June  median sales price for a single family home in   Clearwater was 428 000 and that's per Redfin  data number two is Dunedin Dunedin is to the   north of Clearwater and it's a super cute Town  it is very picturesque easy to kind of just walk   through it if you're in the downtown area you'll  see a lot of tree-lined streets Boutique shops   and art galleries for someone that wants to  have that small town feel I think Dunedin is   perfect especially because it's also really close  to beaches you've got Honeymoon Island State Park   where you'll find a lot of unspoiled beaches and  nature trails which is great for those people who   are nature lovers and who want to be close to the  beach just 15 minutes away from Downtown Dunedin   Dunedin offers a wealth of outdoor activities  including golf fishing and biking making it   a great choice for active retirees seeking to  stay physically engaged in being close to the   water now there's a strong sense of community  in Dunedin so people tell me who live there now I've done Eden is in Pinellas County Down  Eden city has a population of approximately 36   000 people in the median age is about 58.

The  June median sales price for single family home   in Dunedin was 397 000 and that's pro-refin data  number three Fort Myers Fort Myers located on   Florida's Southwest Gulf Coast Fort Myers has long  been recognized as a prime retirement destination   the city's warm climate with mild Winters and  pleasant Summers attracts retirees seeking an   escape from colder climates of course that's one  of the reasons why people are moving to Florida to   begin with it's important to note that Fort Myers  Beach was completely demolished back in 2022 so   last year during Hurricane Ian but the people of  Fort Myers Beach and Fort Myers are super strong   they are rebuilding the area now and so whoever is  moving into Fort Myers and the surrounding areas   are going to look forward to kind of this next  phase of what Fort Myers Beach is going to become   Fort Myers office a wide array of recreational  activities of course including golfing fishing   boating there's lots of nature walks and numerous  parks and nature preserves retirees can also enjoy   culture experiences through various art galleries  theaters and historical landmarks in downtown   Fort Myers which is a really solid downtown  area it's super fun there the city's Vibrant   Community and numerous retirement communities  provide opportunities for social engagement   in a sense of belonging now Fort Myers is in Lee  County which has a population of approximately 760   000 people the immediate age in Lee County is  estimated 49.

Fort Myers city has approximately 86   000 people and the median age is approximately 41.  the June median sales price for a single family   home in Fort Myers was 417 thousand dollars per  red fin data number four Orlando Orlando's famous   for its world-class theme parks and attractions  it may not be the first place that comes to mind   for retirement but if it was somebody that has  always been into Mickey Mouse right and there's   gonna be quite a lot of you there or maybe  you have grandchildren then Orlando might   be an awesome place to move to especially  if you don't want to be on either side of   the coast but it also has so much more to offer  than just the amusement parks right so the city   boasts a thriving Arts and Cultural scene with  numerous theaters museums and Galleries and so   for retirees who enjoy an active lifestyle Orlando  also provides an area of recreation opportunities   from golfing to other outside activities such  as hiking and biking in Orlando's many parks the   Beach isn't actually that far away right so you're  about an hour away to Daytona Beach which is on   the Atlantic Ocean so you could easily make that  trip over the weekend to the beach if you wanted   to get closer to the water and so as I mentioned  earlier if grandkids and family friends come to   Orlando the many attractions around will keep them  busy and super happy exploring Orlando also has   well-rated Healthcare facilities and of course  there's a major airport there so the proximity   to the airport or airports I should say make it a  convenient and comfortable place for retirees to   call home Orlando is an Orange County which has a  population of approximately 1 million four hundred   and thirty thousand people the immediate age in  Lee County is estimated 37 so the median age in   Orlando is going to tilt a little bit younger than  many of the other places that we're going to talk   about or have talked about already in this video  Orlando city has a population of approximately 307   000 people in a median age of estimated 36.

Let's  talk about real estate the June median sales price   for a single family home in Orlando was 390 000  per red fin Orlando is going to be one of the most   affordable places to live in based on all the  places I'm talking about in this video and you   just gotta remember the further way you get from  the coast and the further Inland you typically get   in Florida home prices are going to become more  affordable another place you could look into is   Ocala which is going to be north of Orlando but  it did make the list number five Sarasota which   is actually the place I live in and it's situated  on the Gulf Coast of Florida it is known as the   cultural Hub on the west side of Florida and  that's because there's just so much to do in terms   of cultural activities lots of theaters venues to  go to we've got numerous art galleries and just   for those people who love culture the art then I  think Sarasota is really going to be a place that   you're going to want to look into more we've got  the renowned Sarasota opera house and the Ringling   Museum art just to name a few there's plenty more  though and like I said it is known as the cultural   Hub in the west coast of Florida but Sarasota has  also some of the best beaches in not just Florida   but in the US for example Siesta Key has numerous  times been voted as the number one beach in the   United States or number one in Florida and that's  partially because you can find their really fine   quartz sand but there's plenty of other beaches  to go to as well I myself love the Lido beaches   especially North little beach now the city's  commitment to maintaining green spaces and there's   a lot of green spaces in Liquid Ranch Palmer Ranch  and just kind of sprinkled around Sarasota make it   a really visually stunning place to live in and  now you combine that with diverse recreational   opportunities and excellent Healthcare  facilities which makes it an even more   attractive Haven for retirees which are  seeking an intellectually stimulating and   active retirement community I think it's perfect  for those people who want to have that leisurely   type of Lifestyle you're retired but you still  want to be actively involved and you want to   be close to culture and have stimulation of  that sorts and you'll definitely find it here Sarah citizing Sarasota County which  has a population of approximately 434   000 people the median age here in Sarasota  County is approximately 57.

So the city now   has a population of 55 000 in the median age  is approximately 49. now let's talk about   real estate the June median sales price for a  single family home in Sarasota was about 475   000 but that's per refund data number six Naples  Naples is about two hours away from Sarasota an   hour 45 minutes away from Sarasota to the South  and it's located in Southwest Florida and it's   really synonymous with luxury and refinement  the city's upscale shopping and dining options   reflect the sophisticated lifestyle it offers in  Naples both several Championship golf courses and   country clubs catering to golf enthusiasts and so  if you're into luxury engulfing expensive cars and   houses this is the place for you the surrounding  natural beauty includes the Everglades and several   nature preserves providing ample opportunities for  outdoor exploration as well the Serene and upscale   Ambiance of Naples attracts retirees looking for  a refined and relaxing retirement experience and   a lot of them will actually purchase their  second or third home in Naples and they'll   come and snow burden during the winter time  and then they'll go back home up north in the   summer now Naples is in Kalia County which has  a population of approximately 375 000 people the   median age in Collier County is estimated 53  Naples city has a population of estimated 19   000 people an immediate age of estimated 66.

So  the median age will tilt a little bit higher here   in Naples and that's partial because this truly  always has been kind of a retirement community   it's certainly evolved ever since covet especially  but still super popular with retirees and like I   said a lot of them have second or third homes in  Naples and are just there half of the time number   seven The Villages The Villages is a unique and  sprawling retiring community in Central Florida   and I'm sure a lot of you have already heard  of The Villages some great things you've heard   about and probably some rumors now it's designed  specifically for active adults age 55 and older   now I've talked to a lot of people who've chosen  to live in The Villages they tell me that there's   just so much to do and it just feels good to be  around people your own age and there's lots of   activities that are catered towards the people who  are 55 and up there's also a few Town centers that   people can go to each one of the Town centers has  kind of a live dancing Hall area where they play   live music every night The Villages provides  a self-contained and vibrant Lifestyle the   community Fosters a strong sense of belonging and  camaraderie among residents through the various   clubs and social activities and I believe they  have over a thousand different social activities   or a thousand different types of social activities  there's just not a way to really get bored there   unless you want to be bored so the villages which  is really a marketing machine they've done a great   job at curating amenities that are very much  focused on active living and ensuring that those   people who are in their golden years are able to  socially engaged and have a fun-filled retirement within Sumter and Marion County so hopefully  I said that right and if not you can correct   me the villagers has a population of estimated 79  000 people and a median age of estimated 74.

And   so from all the places we're talking about in this  video it's the villagers that's going to have the   highest median age the Drew median sales price  for a single family home in The Villages was 382   thousand dollars per Redfin data number eight  is Punta Gorda which is located on Florida's   southwest coast Punta Gorda exudes an old Florida  charm with this historic downtown and beautiful   Waterfront views the city is a Haven for those  people who love boating and fishing and has easy   access to Charlotte Harbor in the Gulf of Mexico  retirees in Punta Gorda enjoy a relaxed piece of   life here of course friendly Neighbors from what I  hear and a strong sense of community here as well   the city's commitment to preserving its natural  true beauty in maintaining a small town atmosphere   is one of the reasons why retirees are attracted  to Punta Gorda Punta Gorda is in Charlotte County   which has a population of approximately 187 000  people in the median age in Charlotte County is   approximately 60.

Punta Gorda has a population  of approximately 19 400 people an immediate age   of estimated 65. the June median sales price for a  single family home in Punta Gorda was four hundred   and ten thousand dollars per Redfin data number  nine is St Augustine which is great for those   retirees who've always been captivated by history  and if you're someone that wants to live in a   Charming historical town and I think St Augustine  might actually be for you it's known as the oldest   city in the United States in this charming town  boasts a wealth of historical landmarks most known   maybe is Castillo de San Marcos but the point  being is that this place provides retirees with a   unique and enriching experience and that is being  able to dive really deeply into America's history   I.E in Florida St Augustine's cobbled streets  the historic architecture and the queen shops   create kind of a nostalgic Ambiance which is ideal  for retirees that are seeking a slow pace of Life   enriched with history the city's Pleasant climate  adds to its appeal making an inviting destination   for those looking to immerse themselves in history  and culture as I said earlier St Augustine is   in St John's County which has a population of  approximately 273 000 people the median age in   St John's County is estimated 44.

St Augustine  has a population of estimated 14 300 people in   the median age of estimated 46. so St Augustine  is going to tell a little bit younger than some   of the other places that we've mentioned such  as meatballs and the villages in Punta Gorda   for example the June median sales price for a  single family home in St Augustine was about   483 thousand dollars and that's per Redfin  data number 10 Venice Venice is known as the   shark tooth capital of the world it is a Charming  coastal town on Florida's Gulf Coast just to this   south of Sarasota it's literally just a few miles  away from Sarasota it boasts pristine beaches such   as Venice Beach and casperson Beach which are  perfect for Sunday thing and shark tooth hunting Venice in the past used to be known as a  really sleepy town but I can tell you that   those days are over especially since covet because  there's just been so much movement into Venice   partial also because it's just a little bit more  affordable than living in Sarasota but it's close   to Sarasota so you can easily live the lifestyle  in Venice and in Sarah so they're combined you   can go from one place to another very easy and  the city's downtown area with its Mediterranean   style architecture and boutique shops is now a  hub of culture and social activities in Venice a   great place to go to fitness also offers a diverse  range of recreational options such as pickleball   of course golfing tennis all sorts of water sports  and so it's just great for those people who want   to be able to live the beach lifestyle and do all  sorts of nice things outside in the warm weather   Venice is in Sarasota County when a city has a  population of approximately 25 400 people and   median H is going to be tilting a little higher  here it's approximately 67 though I believe once   the next census is taken that median age is  probably going to tilt younger because we've   gotten a lot of people moving in here that are  still working and they can move in here to Venus   that is because they're remote workers lots of  them the June median sales price for a single   family home in Venice was approximately 463 000  again perfect data so ultimately the best place   areas and spend some time there maybe two  or three weeks really kind of take them for   real estate in Sarasota County Manatee County  that includes Sarasota Venice Ranch Bradenton   of course and Englewood I would love to help you  call me email me anytime I'm always here to assist   you guys thank you so much for watching today  I always appreciate what you guys do take care

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