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10 Best PLACES TO RETIRE In Florida 2023 (most updated!!!)

hello everyone and welcome back to the Florida relocation guide my name is Adam Hancock and today we are breaking down the ultimate retirement list for 2023 in the State of Florida through hours of research and thought I am taking all the way from number 10 to My overall number one option and we're talking the location and why that matters the three absolute most important reasons they're even on this list in general and then also the number one reason that differentiates everyone on the list from anything else you could possibly choose I hope this adds you so much value and let's hop right in okay number 10 on our list working our way down I'm going with a place called Vero Beach Florida so right off the bat locationally we are going to head to Atlantic Coast of Florida and we're going to sit about two hours south of Daytona Beach and about an hour and a half north of West Palm Beach just to give you a general framework all right three things I really like for retirement here number one you have all those beautiful beaches but without the crowds without the tolls for parking and without all the Bridge Crossing and all the minutia you have to deal with there number two is Building height restrictions besides one building that basically snuck through the cracks you have severe limits of height restrictions on what they can do I.E you're not going to have all these luxury high-rise condominiums that pop up like it's happening in a lot of other parts of Florida and you're not gonna have the density of population that that brings with 150 to 300 different units packed in a very small piece of land and number three uh for Florida's sake and seaside retirement basis you still have a lot of relative affordability so I think that's an overall win when it comes to picking between the 10 options okay and lastly for my what's so special about Vero Beach item I'm calling sunrises not high rises because the way the city very specifically in some old school wise controls expansion in general so somewhat always prevent some sort of crazy commercial outpouring and and kind of preserve what a lot of people think made this town historically great all right number nine on my list I'm going with New Smyrna Beach Florida so this time we're going right back to the Atlantic coast but we're heading north and we're much closer to Daytona Beach just 15 miles one way and also just one hour to the Disney capital of Orlando Florida okay three things I like here for retirement number one kind of a unique one surfing you don't hear surfing synonymous with Florida a ton but if you're moving from a state or an area in general where surfing is a part of your culture and that's something you would really miss if you moved to Florida this would actually give you a pretty viable option in my personal opinion A lot of people think it's the most consistent overall surf break in the entire State of Florida when there's waves nowhere else you can find some sort of wave here so I think that would add one interesting element okay number two here I'm going with the Arts so New Smyrna has actually been ranked on many many lists over the last few years as one of the top overall small cities in the entire country for this specific category and there's quite like a small budding group a very intentional artists and Painters and sculptors that have created a cool full communal approachable environment if you're into this kind of thing in the artistic community in general this gives you a whole nother layer all right and number three on the list we're rounding it out with one of the fan favorites is a beach that you can actually drive your car on so you have that element where you can physically drive your car on the beach or you can go park and open the tailgate and you got your whole setup right there but what's cool is you also don't only have that you have places where if you're not into that or you don't want that environment around whatever you're doing you have spots where you don't have to do that you have spots where you can do that so I think that does give you a cool option just on convenience in general okay for my what is so special about New Smyrna Beach Florida I'm jumping on the back of what travel and Leisure poignantly named Florida's most underrated Seaside destination despite all of this crazy Florida boom we've seen over the last couple years in my opinion I still think that New Smyrna Beach Florida is still somewhat overlooked which could provide an interesting opportunity for you all right number eight on the list may be the peacock of the bunch we're going with Key West Florida slash a little bit of Marathon key as well so here you are the southernmost point in the entire State of Florida which is going to roughly put you about three hour three and a half hours from Miami one way and just 90 miles one way to Cuba okay three things I like here number one is just the laid back charm element so kind of cliche to say but this is True Unicorn Florida retirement living everything a Jimmy Buffett song would describe this place as it is quaint it is charming it is Old School Florida it's water-based it's everything you would picture in a dream of or a lot of people's dream of retiring in Florida number two is which I really really like is just you don't really need a car like if you get to the right part of the keys you don't really need a car a lot of people travel by Like Fat Tire Bike or golf cart or something like that but I think once you get there you kind of have everything you need and if you end up here retiring that's kind of what you would be seeking for the most part in my opinion and number three I'm going to throw in lifestyle diversity there's people from all walks of life I would say it's a very approachable inclusive environment overall so if you're kind of seeking like like-minded people depending on what you're looking for I think it would provide that as well all right and what's so special about the keys in Key West in general here I'm calling basically the Caribbean so kind of straight no chaser with that but you are so far off in One Direction that if you want to be on a complete Island and still be Stateside then this is the destination foreign our way down to number seven maybe throwing you for a slight surprise here I'm going with Mount Dora Florida so locationally this is actually a suburb of Orlando Florida about 33 miles to its Northwest okay three things I like here because I do feel like I'm always talking about Coast coast and beach beach so much I wanted to give you one uh Inland alternative in case that's not your thing so number one is Mountain door has actually been ranked on lists as one of the friendliest small towns in the entire country so if maybe your point of view is that all this destination relocation that's been created has created a Melting Pot in the state and community of the way people treat each other maybe it's a lost art this could give you a different version number two on the back of that you do have very much like an old school country living feel that they maintain pretty well so for being so close to a huge Metro which is cool because you're not in complete isolation it does give you a chance to like live on the outskirts of it without being far removed from it and if you're retiring without the hustle bustle maybe that's what you want number three for being a pretty small place a lot of people consider or coin Mount Dora as the Festival City because of the density of fairs and seasonal festivals they do pretty much year round so that'll give you an entertainment aspect as well all right and what is so special in Mount Dora Florida as a takeaway I'm calling the central Escape so amazing Central proximity to the entire State just 30 minutes one way to downtown Orlando you have Lakeland right there a similar commute to the entire Tampa Bay area so great proximity day trip ability but you live in your own little world when you come back home okay number six on the list is Cape Coral Florida so this is our first Venture thus far to the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida so you're going to be about an hour north of Naples one way and about an hour and a half south of Sarasota all right three things I think are special here and number one is even particularly interesting so Cape Coral Florida for being a relatively small City in the grand scheme of that conversation has over 400 separate miles of water canals so reference point wise that's more than any city of any size in the entire world including Venice Italy so beyond just being a fun fact and flood prevention think about the provision of your capability of living near the water in a cost-efficient way of living near the water if you have that level of abundance and it's not in that scarcity so I really like that number two is in my opinion it's generally going to be a little bit larger Lots here by being this close to the water they're going to be larger in above 10 000 square feet on average for the lot size which compared to the neighboring cities that's going the opposite direction so if you're looking for a little bit more space I know that's a hot button then this might be a place where you can not only get a cost Advantage but you get that number three because of this this place has really been booming it's always been kind of a Hidden Gem in my opinion because you have Sarasota and Naples that border it and then Tampa and all that those have always been unanimously popular and this one is kind of snuck in between and people didn't know like industry and where to work and all that kind of stuff but it absolutely exploded because of cost with that is coming growth and that's what it's been missing a little bit in my opinion so you're having a couple projects that are going to add a bunch of mixed-use Waterfront development of like you know maybe Luxury Condominiums luxury homes with commercial districts and restaurants and Progressive commercial development like Bimini Basin seven islands things like that um so commercial growth I think is a third thing that's going to add to this area's uniqueness all right and my what is so special about Cape Coral Florida as a differentiator I'm calling affordable boaters Paradise really everything's in the in the name there but if you try to look and compare these homes on this kind of water in Naples or Sarasota or any of the surrounding areas like that they are incredibly incredibly difficult to get into and they do not come at a discount okay we have made it to our halfway point and I'm going with number five Lakewood Ranch Florida so this is actually a new construction suburb that turned into its own City but locationally you are Sarasota Florida metro-based that would be the commonality you're about 30 minutes one way to downtown Sarasota Florida okay three things I think are special about this one number one I'm calling everything but the beach so in the last couple years especially gone are the days where you go to the suburbs and you get on the outskirts of town and of course you get new homes and you get affordability but you lose what's cool about the town Lakewood Ranch Florida may be the best mousetrap in this conversation three downtowns built in to the to the entire suburb and all built post 1995 you have shopping you have restaurants you have boutiques you have lakes for recreation half of the entire acreage of Lakewood Ranch is set aside for green space and a trail system you have schools of All Sorts highly rated Public School District with multiple options you have private options like Montessori and Charter there's co-working there's commercial spaces for a work viability there is hospitals and Urgent Cares built in and you really have everything Beyond just coming to the Gulf Coast beaches and that's not functional for a lot of people day to day number two I'm calling multi-generational and variety and what I mean by that quickly is one Lakewood Ranch Florida is the number one multi-generational master plan suburb in the entire United States so they're at the top of this conversation but in my experience that a lot of people that are looking to retire they don't necessarily need to be in the most kid-friendly neighborhood and they don't want all of that because they might be Beyond those years but they don't necessarily want to be completely isolated from it they want the energy and they want the texture and they want all different kinds of age people they just want the option when maybe they're not all in their neighborhood so Lakewood Ranch gives you that it is multi-generational in that it has a lot of price points and a lot of Home types and attractive amenities where it's going to attract families but it also has 30 plus new construction neighborhoods all built in 1995 and newer and it has 55 and it has luxury elements and it has golf elements it has a lot of communities that won't appeal to families in the same like but they're still in this the general 50 000 acre radius so I think those two combined satiate a lot of folks needs and number three I'm calling community community and what I simply mean by that is um if you move from out of state and you want a lot of environments where you can meet people on your own terms this has an overwhelming amount I mean I think there's 600 plus Live Events of some sort including farmers markets and First Fridays and you know there's many many different clubs and there's bird watching and there's polo grounds and all kinds of stuff so whether you're the most social person or not and you want a pickleball or anything you want to meet people and you know no one then there's a lot of forced communal environments that are done in a very very approachable manner all right and lastly what is so special about Lakewood Ranch Florida as a takeaway I'm calling Two Towns for the price of one so this again is a huge suburb but I named all those kind of things but it's also Sarasota Florida base which is highly regarded to a lot of folks as always on the top retirement destinations you have Siesta Key you have Lido Longboat Key downtown Sarasota Venice Anna Maria Island so you have all of this and in any community in all of Liquid Ranch you'd be hard-pressed to be more than 45 minutes one way but 20 miles 25 miles from anything else that this entire metro has to offer foreign number four on the list I'm going with Destin Florida so here we're going to head all the way over to the panhandle of Florida which is going to put you about two and a half hours one way to Tallahassee which is the home of FSU and also just two hours one way to Mobile Alabama okay three things I like here about Destin Florida number one is the crystal clear green water so if you're not familiar this area is actually known as the Emerald Coast because of this fact but the way the water runs in this location you have this green tint to this very tropical feeling clean clear water which is very lovely to be around my opinion number two unbelievable fishing so this geography puts you in a place where the fishing inshore offshore so much at your disposal whether you have a boat or not Charter Galore you have a ton of options but right close behind that golf shopping and dining are also right up there so because of this being a destination location for tours you have a lot of amenities if you're a full-time residents to use if you enjoy those three kind of a unique one to any other one on this list is and I experienced because I went to school actually in Pensacola for college I lived in Gulf Breeze for four years you have seasons kind of for Florida right if you're from an area that is not Florida and you come here and you're like there's just no break from the Heat and the humidity all year round well this place is a little bit of an anomaly by this location there's four months on average a year that the high is less than 65 degrees which that's amazing for Florida if you put in perspective and then there's several months of the year where the lows are in the 40s so at least it gives you some break or some not as big of a gap on your total relocation okay and then what is so special about Destin Florida overall I'm calling small town feel with Big Town appeal for a relatively conservative size Place once you get here you should have everything you need some of the best of what Florida has to offer amenities housing Etc I don't think you're going to be wanting anything else [Music] okay on to number three we're getting to our short list here Naples Florida so this is back on the Gulf Coast and it's about the southernmost point Beyond Marco Island until you fall off into the Everglades on the Gulf Coast itself so that puts you two hours south of Sarasota Florida and depending on traffic also just about two hours one way to Miami all right three things I like here for this particular retirement list number one is the overall abundance of beach variety so because there's so many beaches from south of Marco Island that run straight up to basically Captiva Island you have kind of something depending on what you're into or even that mood that day that'll satiate most people's needs you know you want to be more social you could go the pier in Naples Beach you could you know family friendly you could look at going like adjacent to Bonita and Barefoot Beach and Vanderbilt you're into shelling they have these very unique pastel colored shells on the Sanibel Captiva it's like world renowned Marco Island's its own little world and you have a lot in between there number two this is unanimously considered a golfer's dream you know there's a lot of places in Florida that are similar like you have Jacksonville and parts of the Atlantic coast too but there's over 100 courses within a 30 mile radius of the city center of Naples and it's a pretty small geographic area and three I think is a really unique one to just the Gulf Coast conversation that may be similar cities don't have I think where Naples really excels is luxury living there's a strip of neighborhoods from like Aqua Lane Shores and The Moorings and Park Shore that are Waterfront that offer a unique exclusive luxurious environment you know that you have amazing water Frontage unbelievably beautiful homes on a lot of times big pieces of land a lot of water access sometimes Custom Homes sometimes renovated and and a very very a proximity driven to the downtown Naples area with third and Fifth and very historic and very quaint the level of luxury that you can get here and how exclusive and isolated it feels is at a different tier than I would say a Sarasota and Tampa offer okay and then what is so special about Naples Florida as a takeaway here on the back of Point number three I'm calling Southern exclusivity because of the mix of very very high-end residential homes Waterfront proximity and it all sits right in front of a quaint Southern feel of a downtown all right our final two on the list we are on to St Petersburg Florida so St Pete is actually part of the Tampa Bay Florida Metro which puts you back on the Gulf Coast of Florida kind of the most meaningful Northern location so you're about an hour north of Sarasota Florida about three hours uh north of Naples and then also just two-ish hours from Orlando okay three things I like particularly here about the coastal part of Tampa Bay so number one kind of weird to say for Florida but St Petersburg is literally the sunniest City in the Sunshine State no joke 361 average days of sunshine a year and it literally had the longest consecutive streak in the Guinness Book of World Record for sunny days so if that matters to in particular when you're coming to Florida for this reason then this is the best mouse trap okay the second thing I really like here if I can articulate this is I feel like the resonant base of this area is generally eclectic intellectual and intentional you know because you have the same Gulf Coast proximity as a Sarasota Naples does but a very very different City you know right off the bat like the artistic environment of just not not artistic like Sarasota's cultural too but this is like a eclectic artistic environment with street art and the museum culture it's way more youthful feeling and the other thing is this city is way more urban uh designed in an urban field than any of the neighboring surrounding cities so if you don't feel like you fall into a Naples or Sarasota bucket but you like the location as far as water proximity then I would say this one is a unicorn in that conversation okay the third one I wanted to touch on before we move on similar to Naples overall Beach variety and housing variety so beaches you have like unanimously popular Clearwater Beach St Pete if you're seeking where people travel to you also have like desolate coin options like Indian Rocks I really like Readington in-betweeners Madeira Beach John's past fisherman Village you have Treasure Island family friendly tourist destination uh even Tierra Verde like island-based Fort DeSoto Park kayaking and fishing there's a dog park so plenty of options there and then housing you have you know know the most the most popular probably is this is a place you go to for like family friendly historic bungalow housing so the northeast of downtown is the most popular on the Bay Side probably old some hitter neighborhoods Old Northeast uh Woodlawn St Paul Euclid um but you also have like Snell Isle you have quaint retirement like Dunedin and Safety Harbor to your North so I think options never hurt the buyer all right finally what is so special about St Petersburg Florida has a takeaway I'm calling my best overall happy medium on the entire list because of a three-headed value monster number one I think best location in the entire State of Florida Gulf Coast Waters in this Central proximity number two you are flanked by a large Metro not everyone can live around no industry or doesn't want to live around no industry someone might work you just might want more at your disposal than a quaint sleepy Beach town but number three is you are in a large Metro but because of the three County Tampa Bay Area you're the coastal County that is basically like a sleep Beach Town built within a large Metro which kind of gives you the best of both worlds foreign number one on the list our grand finale I'm going with my hometown of Sarasota Florida so geography-wise Sarasota is on the Gulf Coast you are an hour south of Tampa you are two hours north of Naples you're three hours to Miami three and a half to West Palm four and a half to Jacksonville and St Augustine about two one way to Orlando and about six hours one way to Savannah Georgia okay three things I like about Sarasota for this particular list and just a quick caveat to cover the I'm biased because I live here and I'm from here conversation you know it's a valid point but also my brokerage covers the entire State of Florida so it's not that different to me but I also believe what I'm going to say here and if this is about making me pick one and if I had to put my anchor somewhere and I was of retirement age I would uh I would probably have to put it here still in 2023 for the reasons I'm about to list and one of those being number one being geography you know I had rattled off previously all the proximity of how close it was to all these things right pretty ridiculous three and a half hours to everything and for Florida if you made me put my Homestead in one place I'm very transient I've lived in a lot of places I would want feasible access to the rest and I don't think there's a better location in the state for that conversation because most of what the state has to offer beyond the Panhandle which is like an island on its own is in the southwest coast and the south coast and I'd want to be on Gulf Coast Waters and even Tampa and Naples are great locations but you lose the other one this one sits in between but it's still three and a half hours to everything you'd want all right number two and something that I probably value even more now that I moved away and come back and have a little bit more perspective is Sarasota Florida is very much a play first and work second culture so if you're of retirement age and you're not contingent on being in place because of Industry then there's a lot of perks to the kind of places you can live and the pace of life that you can live you know Sarasota is a place that most people that came here historically or like more than the average made their money elsewhere and then they brought it here and what they're seeking now is hospitable environments like the entertainment and what they need is is Hospitality based and then support of the time you are in your life real estate Insurance Financial Services and health care so the perks to that is our downtown major districts aren't overwhelmed by like the average place of a bunch of people bustling in for work and then they don't live there so leaving and which creates all this minutia of traffic patterns and nonsense and Like a downtown Tampa for instance most of its work culture most of its businesses and Commercial spaces very few restaurants Sarasota is opposite it's art galleries every third step it's bars and restaurants and zag got rated stuff and culture and theater districts and all this kind of stuff and even on the busiest of times and the busiest times of year everybody's coming there to visit so it just doesn't create the same nonsense it feels unbelievably uh peaceful at all times a year so even when it's busy if everyone's not getting up and trying to do the same thing at the same times and it's more random because it's Leisure based that always creates something that is hard to replicate in larger metros all right the third one on the list just to round this thing up for Sarasota is you have to talk about arts and the beaches this is the origin of how this place became in Vogue in the first place you know it was identified John Ringling thought it was special you know came here and it became a popular destination you know when Sarasota is known as the cultural Coast because of the pure density of art galleries and theaters and music venues and all of that at your disposal in a small geographic region and then on top of that he gets you know we have Siesta Key Beach and Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island and Lido Beach and Venice island of all that stuff that people like in their minds are seeking out when they relocate because we have this magical triangle when you go west here as I digress here when we go west here our downtown is two and a half miles to the beach it's the bay is in between and you're six miles also to Siesta Key and most of what is happening is all in these same districts so Beach Village Beach Village and downtown so once you get over here you got everything so I think that abundance in general is if you settle down for retirement and you could live leisurely and you didn't have to go to work there's a lot at your disposal and lastly for this video what is so special about Sarasota Florida as a takeaway this might be an obvious one but this one I am naming my number one best overall retirement destination for 2023.

all right my friends that is a wrap for today's video I really hope you enjoyed the list and if you're embarking on your own kind of retirement conversation or relocation Journey or in the midst of anywhere in that process and we can help you with any of those real estate needs buying selling you know questions calls consultations please consider reaching out we have such a unique unbelievable team in my opinion I guarantee you that whatever you're going through now wherever your background is whatever you're working for there's a good chance that someone on my team has done something or exactly what you're doing two years or a year before you're about to do it coming from Boston Manhattan Long Island DC Ohio Delaware Maryland California Seattle you want a Florida local you want a Canadian we have it all French speaking Spanish Arabic everything we'll match you to someone that fits your need whether you have a family you're retiring first-time homebuyer everything in between I'm here for the whole process and we'd really really love the opportunity to list my website I'm actually rebuilding it right now it's going to be awesome but we have it's going to be our home base our ecosystem you know blogs and videos that are organized a little bit easier to work through we have condos we have free tools we have a ways you can look at the team members and everything in between so please check all that out if you don't mind if I can help you with anything please let me know of course subscribe and like before you head out if you don't mind and I'll see you in the next video

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